“It’s Not Fun Anymore..”

The Surprising Reason Your Bedroom Boom Isn’t Explosive Anymore.

You’ve had three years or more of explosive mind blowing sex, with your partner.  But lately, it just seems to routine, and it feels like you’re just bumping uglies to get it over with.

What happened?!  Why is sex no longer fun for you or both or both of you?

The Answer May Surprise You…

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You have an energy wheel called the “Sacral Chakra”.  This chakra is what keeps that sexy energy flow between you and your partner flowing.  The sacral chakra is sexual energy, this energy wheel when blocked may cause an array of issues including, but not limited to, boredom with sexuality, routine sex, lack of sex, over active sex drive, not achieving orgasm, and even can cause menstrual issues.


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How Does One Achieve Orgasm, and Unblock the Sensual Sacral Chakra?

There are a few ways, one way that I strongly encourage clients. is to go through a sexy reiki session.  This is a new service that I have added and the benefits are explosive.  Everything has energy right?  That includes you and your partner’s relationship in and out of the bedroom, so having a session done by me, or another reiki master of your choosing, will help you to unleash the blocks, discuss any concern or anything that may be causing a block, and then open and balance both of you and your partner’s chakras and the chakras of your relationship(yes inanimate objects are beneficial to reiki too). Once the chakras are balanced I will attune you to each other’s chakras allow an ultimate mind, body, and soul relationship that will surely get the bedroom blazing!

Another way or an add on to a reiki session which is highly beneficial to women is what is called a Yoni wand, this wand is made of crystal, don’t worry this is perfectly safe to insert in your hot pocket!  Yoni wands help balance and maintain sexual energy.  Think of them as a magical dildo!

What tips do you find that keeps your bedroom hotter than a night in Cabo?






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