Meet Me on the Web

No Bull Tips For Meeting Someone In Person

Social media, and dating  have become a very married topic.  Today I am going to give you some pointers about meeting people that you’ve spoken to online. Please note I do not guarantee any results and should you feel that your life is in danger please call 911 IMMEDIATELY.


This one is kind of a no brainer.  If this is your first time meeting someone, especially someone you don’t skype, or face time a lot, meeting at your house may not be the brightest idea.  If you are going to meet at your house, please at least make sure you have a bestie, or guard dog with you.

I always recommend meeting in public, it is definitely much safer the first time you meet.

DON’T Leave Your Drink Abandoned

Again another cliche’ but very important bit of information, if you at any time have to leave your martini, cosmo, or any other open container drink where you cannot see it, please don’t leave it and then drink it.  It may be more costly but you never know if someone is going to leave a “surprise coma” in your drink.

If Something Feels “Off” Don’t Ignore It

If something doesn’t feel right or “shady” about the person you’re planning to meet wait a good week to a month see if it still feels off, if it does, please don’t go and meet them you really never know who sits behind that screen.

Meeting people in person that you’ve talked to online can be fun, amazing, and such a lovely experience but please take precautions when you do.



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