Trick Or Treat!

My Halloweenish Themed Tarot and Oracle Deck Picks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  No I am not talking about Yule, I am talking about Halloween or Samhain if you rock the Pagan boat.  Today I wanted to give you my Halloween themed tarot decks.  These also are decks that just for some reason bring that gorgeous fall vibe we all love so much!

The Everyday Witch Tarot By Deborah Blake

This deck brings everything witch, and everything captivating Autumn, that brings me the memories of grandma’s apple pie, autumn hay, and more!  This 78 card deck has a cute witch and cat on every card!  The images are simply magical and captivating!

Image result for everyday witch tarot

Oracle of Light and Dark By Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Beckett Griffith

I love, love, love, this deck!  This oracle deck has 45 cards of autumn and Halloweenish themed spirits and images!  I love this deck especially when extra clarity is needed in Autumn, I still use it year round though, haha!

Image result for Oracle of Light and Dark

Both decks can be ordered via amazon or from the authors on their websites.

Which decks have got you feeling the Halloween creeps?


Stay Witchy,


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