Talking Tarot

Simple Tips for Beginners

If you asked me a few years ago, I would have sat there and said “me read tarot?  haha no”.

Was I ever wrong!  I want you to understand that I was not always so cheerful or in love with the idea of reading tarot.

Now if you ask me if I love tarot I will probably try to hide all my decks under a rock and deny that I have a major tarot addiction!

We all have to start somewhere and it’s okay if it takes you awhile to get there.

Here’s a few simple tips to get you started on your tarot journey, as a reader.

  • Find a style of deck you resonate with-  This is something I strongly tell any of my clients or anyone for that matter who ask me where to start.  I think knowing what your hobbies are will help you to discover which deck you may connect with.  For myself, I tend to find that I like the decks that have animal totems, powers linked to them, for me these are the decks that I connect to the strongest.
  • Be Open To Spiritual Awakening I wish someone told me just how much I was going to awaken the minute I began reading tarot!  I am happily surprised at just how much abilities I have!  Tarot has also helped me to transform my troubles into blissful alchemy.  I now know that I have the power to react in a situation and I can do so as I see fit, I can also take a negative or unpleasant situation and turn it into something grand!
  • Don’t Get Wrapped Up in the Guide Books–  I know tarot can be a little intimidating at first, especially if you do not know much about cards, the suits, and so on.  With this being said, the guide books are merely there as a guide they are not there to be used a crutch.  So don’t lean back on them too much.
  • Be Patient– No really, be patient.  I know its hard not to when everyone you know who reads tarot is doing amazing but you can’t even figure what the fool is about.  But that’s the amazing thing, everyone learns and interprets the cards differently.  It may take you weeks or months to fully bond with your chosen deck and fully understand,  The language of tarot is much like learning a verbal language.  First you skim through the deck and get a feel for the card vibes.  Next you may read the deck just to develop a deeper understanding, and finally you start awakening to the endless possibilities and messages each card has for you.

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