A Motivational Letter for Empaths

Dear empath,

I know it’s hard. I know how much it hurts when we keep trying our best to surround ourselves with people who won’t break our hearts, deceive, or lie to us. I know its like a million bones and nerves in your body all fired at once when he/she/they/etc left. I know how tempting it is to want to turn away from the world and go into a coma deep isolation.

I also know it takes much more courage to be kind. No matter how many people try to break us no matter how many times our hearts are shattered we are strong. We are unbreakable. It takes a true warrior to grow and be thankful for the experience rather than let it ruin us. We my empathic angels and healers, we are powerful yet we are able to be kind and humble in our journeys and that’s pretty badass if you ask me!

We have the power to look within us and take any energy that’s negative and allow our wisdom and power to turn that bad energy into love and kindness.

You got this empathic soldiers


One very dedicated empath to herself and to healing the world

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