The Words Witchy Bombshell

So I originally had my blog named “Creatively Manda”, and one day I was thinking does it really capture who I am?

I knew the answer, it was no. Sure it showed I was creative and my name but it had no ring it had no spark for someone to ask me how I came up with it…

Behold the name “Witchy Bombshell”. Why that name? Here’s the story…

The word witch or witchy to me, describes someone who can take the energy of their life and shift it into something grand and magical!

The word bombshell to me isn’t the girl you see with chiseled abs and curly blonde hair within bed room eyes that could make the most erect male literally explode.

No my dear to me, a bombshell is someone who knows her power she is just hiding beneath the cloak of everyday life and one day becomes ready to be awakened and when she does, she does all she knows to create the biz she deserves and the life she wants.

Long behold this is how witchy bombshell was born!

Blessed Be

The Witchy Bombshell

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