Blast From the Past

Signs You May Be Experiencing a Past Life

Akashic Records are on the rise, and everyone wants to know about them, but there sometimes is a point that you need to take a step back, or may be in need of a reiki healing session in order to help you let go of past life trauma.

  • You start liking things that make no sense, and you not have liked these at one time this life.  This means for example, I never liked greens or dark green colors before but this life as soon as I got more into druidry I had the worst itch for velvet dark green renaissance style dresses.  Come to find out in my past life I wore a lot of renaissance style dresses.
  • You miss someone and you don’t know who it is.  I began hurting to a point being around other people killed me so I had to take a step back.   I began writing these letters I didn’t who they were to, and it helped relieve that pain.  Come to find out I was writing to my husband in a past life and he is my twin flame and I have been reunited with him this life( not together yet).
  • You have a fear of a specific landscape.  I have seen this a few times with clients.  What this means is that you are fearful of something such as open bodies of water.  I had a client who was terrified of this and come to find out she was actually drowned in a past life.

Have you had a past life experience?  Share in the comments section!

The Witchy Bombshell

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