You’re So Salty!

Why Salt Baths Are Beneficial Spiritual Healers

I love what I do as a tarot reader and reiki energy healer.  I love that I have abilities and that I have the blessing of working on them daily.

I started noticing about 6 months ago that I started falling very ill and extremely drained after a reading session or healing session.

It was then that I asked a friend and they recommended salt baths.  I found that pink Himalayan salt soak from Dr Teal’s is my fave for this purpose.

Before I get anymore into salt baths I am going to give you a list of symptoms that you may resonate with that tell me when I need a salt bath:

  • Feeling very warm, without being sick
  • Sweating
  • Sensation of unbearable exhaustion and wanting to cry because of being so tired
  • Nightmares, and “night mare like visions
  • Feeling tired just from looking at a tarot deck, or divination tool
  • Feeling congested with your aura or energy wheels


This is how I feel after an intense healing or reading session so what I love to do is to take a salt bath either at night as soon as I can or right when I wake up. I add in two hand fulls of Dr Teal’s Pink Himalayan Salt soak.  I let it sit in the water and allow to the tub to fill a little before I sit down.

While I am in the bath I will usually have meditation music and also re align and give my self reiki treatments while in the bath.

When I come out I feel like  a brand new alive and awakened woman!

Have you tried salt baths?


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