Finding The Right Tarot Reader

Simple Tips on How to Find the Right Tarot Reader For You

Tarot is an ever growing way of counseling because it looks at the shadows and the light.  However, there are so many tarot readers so how do you find which one suits your needs?   Read on to see my simple tips on finding the right reader.

1. Know What You Want Clarity On

This by far is the most important tip anyone can give a person who is seeking guidance.  Are you struggling with finances?  Maybe you want to know your soul’s purpose, or what to look for when vibrating your fine energetic self to attract that fine soul who can sing the same tune as you!  Perhaps you want to connect with your spirit guides or fur babies who have passed on.  But the most important part is to be very clear about what guidance you are seeking.  If you ask for a general reading don’t be surprised when it comes back with very basic info.

2. Know Your Reader

Another important part of finding a “legit” or “real” psychic or tarot reader is getting to know them.  I love when clients ask me how long I have been reading, or what drew me to psychic readings, or what kind of spirits I connect with!  This is so very important you should be able to feel comfortable enough that you could SEE yourself becoming besties with your reader.  IF you message a tarot reader or psychic, and the first thing they do is throw a price out there, without ANY sort of introduction, stay away.  Clients will explain to me what they seek clarity on, and then in that instance I give prices but I don’t just start to throw my pricing out there.  I want my clients to feel comfortable and like we are besties!

3. Know Your Budget

Psychic and tarot reading businesses are don’t run just on mysticism you know.  It is important to know and RESPECT psychic reader’s pricing and what you get for each price or package.  Some psychics will do it for free, some for five dollars some for one hundred dollars or more.  If you have five dollars don’t haggle a psychic who tells you her readings are 100 dollars that’s not fair to her and the service she is providing.

Also another great perk about supporting an individual business is that you are not feeding some money hungry corporation but rather a family, her pets, maybe her care that needs to be fixed so that she can go home to see family.   Small business rules!

May your tarot or psychic reading be all that you desire,



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