Pecan Resist!

What You Need to Know About Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream’s New Flavor!

Raise the ice cream scoop folks!  Ben and Jerry’s has released a new ice cream flavor the won’t just rock your taste buds, but it’s also rocking social media, while also helping to end discrimination towards women who are immigrants, LGBTQ, of color, and women who are refugees.

There is also four amazing organizations who are behind the creation of this flavor that are battling peacefully in an effort to protect and guard these women from discriminatory cruelty.

The Four Organizations

  1. Color of Change- Color of Change-     This organization works end procedures in which stop women of color, while coming up with solutions for everyone.
  2. NETA–  Neta is a sky rocketing media platform that was created by people of color along the Texas-Mexico border.
  3. Honorable Earth- This awesome organization works to find solutions to climate change, renewable energy, and environmental justice for native communities.
  4. Women’s March-  Women’s March aims to support and empower political power in different women in order to support social change.

The Flavor

This ice cream is sure to be a hit with chocolate and nut lovers everywhere!  It is composed of chocolate ice cream, white and dark chocolate fudge swirls, pecans, walnuts, and…fudge covered almonds!

Head on over to Ben and Jerry’s website here, to find a pint or ice cream shop near you!  Don’t forget the sprinkles!


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