Snow, Heat,and Dance

November rain dances across the air.

I can taste winter making it’s journey again.

But even in the chilliest nights, your heat keeps my heart burning for you.

You kiss me once on the neck, first to play, then a bite.

Desire spirals through every vein, shivers crawl up my spine.

On the silken sheets I sit.

You remove, my shirt, oops my breasts are at your mercy.

I follow your gaze, waltzing my lips with yours.

Your skin touches mine, like thunder to lightning, lust crackling across my blood.

I smell the alpha, waiting to play with his wolf queen.

I trace my tongue across your chest, slow gentle little trails.

Going down, down, tracing your core, those sexy muscles tense, and tighten.

Faster than a hurricane our pants removed, panties gone, boxers lost.

Frustrating orange oceans of electrical currents roar along your skin.

Your hungry lips find my breasts.

Nips, yelps of delicious pain, and soothing tongue massages tug at the skin.

I arch my back, I feel your head moving lower, to a more passionate place.

Your tongue meets my temple, tracing along the lips, but still keeping me on the edge.

Your eyes flash gold for a second as you pause to catch my gaze.

I am on fire, drowning in lust, and howling with passion.

I need your power inside me now, I need the storm to pour, the wind to whirl.

You smile at me, enjoying the twisted pleasure of such a exquisite torment.

Your lips dance and tease along my lips,

I feel your energy meeting mine, inserting the erected pleasure deep inside.

We move together, a gentle pace, faster, and deeper, but never forceful or unwanted.

The snow falls, the dance moves so joyously, and the heat sizzles along our skin.

In the final moments of the release, I see you, the Clydesdale, the wolf, the dominant,

the lover, the warrior, and my best friend.

Our souls howl together, our hearts gallop through the astral realms

we are alive truly

breathing through each other’s cosmic lungs.

© Amanda Ashley Martinotti, all rights reserved.

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