I’ll Talk My Latte With Sign Language

Starbucks Opens It’s Debut Sign Language Shop in Washington, D.C.

When you walk into the brand new Washington D.C store, don’t expect the typical mermaid cup filling, green apron-clad caffeineista.

What’s so unique you ask?  These lovely baristas can speak coffee in sign language!

Here are some even more awesome reasons why you need to visit if you are ever in the Washington D.C. Area:

  • Located at a section of H Street Northeast, where Gallaudet University is near by, the world’s only liberal arts college for the deaf, and those with hearing issues.
  • Umbrella’s located at the front of the store, not only have “Starbucks” on them but they also include “Starbucks” in American Sign Language fingerspelling.
  • Exclusive mugs for this location that can only be found here.
  • No ambient music
  • Two way communication tablets for questions such as “What kind of milk?”
  • Chairs and Tables will be lower to be help with visibility as well as bright lights with a matte finish to prevent as much glare from the lighting as possible!

These are just a few of the things you will notice at this lovely location.

I sure hope we see more of these Starbuck’s coming to other locations nationwide!

Source: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/asl-starbucks-opens-washington-dc/index.html



If Want to Live Your Dreams…

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The life you want is closer than you think, are you ready to live it instead of watch?

The Witchy Bombshell