How Did I Let Myself Go?

Sunday Reflection Blog

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and brain storming…and I am shocked at how much weight I’ve gained.  More than that I’ve really went off the deep end, looking up plastic surgery, looking up how I should look for a video or just in general,I realize it now…

I can’t stand my stomach or my flabby arms, I can’t stand that I don’t look or feel beautiful, I want to change my health and change my life.

Also wanting to be in better shape for tickle and BDSM play is kind of important.

So here’s more updates:

My trip to Ohio did not happen,  I moved back home, I broke up with my ex of four years, which has broken me up inside more than I thought.

With Christmas time around the corner it is painful seeing Hallmark movies, though they do bring me joy and hope that one day I will connect with the pagan male I dream of.

I know this is going to take time, blood, sweat and tears, but I also know that I do love myself inside enough to know I am worthy and beautiful and deserve to feel good.  I am blessed with my intuitive and healer abilities and I know it is time work on those as well.

I am ready and open to better my life,














Feathered Pleasure

The Tickle Fetish World

Today I wanted to come out and share with you a fetish that I am well versed in which is tickling.

Not the Same Kind of Tickling…

You probably are thinking is this the same ticking that we do with our friends? Or that our parents did to us?

In short, the answer is no, fetish tickling tends to be more electrifying, and more of an adrenaline rush. Did I mention you can burn serious calories?

Tickling With an Edge

Tickling in the BDSM, and kink world is more intense and often it’s not just being silly, while it can be two people being funny, tickling sessions tend to be long, intense, and produce gut wrenching, hysterical laughter.

Tickling can be completely playful, or have an erotic twist. For some of us it can be a fun form of foreplay, or others it is apart of sex. There’s also people who have a mild foot fetish and love tickling feet. It can also be used in the form of punishment if a submissive doesn’t behave, or if a ticklee(person being tickled).

Tickle Lingo

Here are a few terms to familiarize yourself with in the tickling world.

  • Tickler- person who is doing the tickling.
  • Ticklee- person being tickled
  • Switch-person who is the tickler and the ticklee they play both roles(me)
  • Stocks- device used to restrain the feet/toes, may the gods have mercy on your soul.
  • Safe Word- not just used in tickling but you will hear this a lot. This word is used when the ticklee cannot take anymore and is at their wits end.
  • Edging- a term used to be describe bringing someone close to orgasm and then switching to doing something else to keep them from releasing. Again, may the gods have mercy on your soul.

Good Tickles Vs Lame Tickles

Seems kind of harsh doesn’t it? In truth you need to be very careful about who you allow to cuff you up and go to town on your ticklish spots.

There are some ticklers merely just in it because it’s an excuse to touch the body.

Good Tickler

  • Gets to know you, they will typically be open to being your friend and holding a conversation that isn’t just tickling. They should want to get inside your head and get s feel for who you are and what makes you jump, squeal, laugh , yell, or knows what NOT to do for instance, some people are not open to erotic tickling and that is to be respected.
  • Aware of your heart beat, breath, and how well you can breathe. This may sound silly, or weird, but when you are in a tickle session your heart beat sky rockets, you will sweat immensely, and it takes a lot out of you and a good tickler will see this and give you breaks. We wouldn’t want you to pass out now would be?!
  • Asks if you need water. Along with the above statement your tickler should also be asking you if you need a water or drink every so often. Stay hydrated!
  • Balances the use of tools such as brushes, glosses, etc with the balance of using their bare hands.

The Tickler You Should Avoid

  • Will just message you on social media and go right into how they want to tickle you. A good tickler is aware of what makes you laugh and they aim to get a reaction out of you, versus, a tickler who just goes at you which can also be a safety issue, and even can lead to broken ribs, and other injuries if the tickler is being too rough.
  • Forceful and not in a playful way
  • Will not take no for an answer.

What Happens During a Tickle Session

You and your partner, will discuss limits, what’s okay and what’s not, if you want to be restrained or free, and then from there you two will agree on a safe word.

The session then starts afterward, do NOT tense, be relaxed it will make it more fun and comfortable for both of you. Don’t hold your breath, it’s okay laugh it out, we all know it won’t be long until you break into hysterical whoops of laughter anyway!

When the session is over your partner should check to make sure there’s nothing injured, and that you are indeed still breathing.

Then you both may do reflections they may ask how you enjoyed it, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and then you will be on your merry way, and may make another date for another session.

Energy Play

Mind Blowing Sex on a Spiritual Level

I thought I would write this post in order to discuss what exactly astral sex is and some basic safety tips and hacks.
By no means do I claim to be an expert these are just experiences and the advice I offer on them.

What is astral sex or energy play?
Astral sex or energy play is where your soul and someone else’s make love, kink, or play in the astral realms. This is a whole new experience if you have never done it you’re missing out! I personal prefer energy play before I meet a potential because it gives me a deeper connection which I need and require from anyone i have any interest in whether friend, kinkster, dom, or submissive, or seeking mentor ship from me.

Things to consider before you decide to astral:
Meditate before you play, seriously a calm relaxed mind is important you are after going to be connecting on a psychic level.
Balance your chakras BEFORE and AFTER you play- chakras are energy wheels they are important to balance because they can cause many blocks in your life and you would never know it also keeps your vibes, bright and strong. There;s so many benefits to a chakra balance.

SHIELD- keep your energy protected at all times by envisioning a shield around you, don’t forget when you in the astrals, there are many people and spirits best to protect yourself.

KNOW your partner, It’s vitally important you have a good feel for your partners energy before you even go to play, how will you connect otherwise? Get to know each other, and if most importantly, if something doesn’t feel right DONT do it.

Also I suggest a very basic 101 in psychic or empath development it is another important aspect to astral play and will strengthen your connection to not just you but your partner as well.

KNOW what you want and make it clear- if you want a sensual time playing you need to find a dom or play partner who can deliver this, if you know someone wants pain play and you don’t like pain they probably aren’t the astral partner for you unless they are also into sensual play and can leave it out.

Keep these tips in mind and you will have a lovely time.
Happy Mind fucking!

The Ways of Kinky Fuckery

Tips for Easing Yourself Into The BDSM and Fetish Community

First let me start out by saying I am by no means an expert in this field I am just here to share my experiences with you.

Before you go hopping into suspension from the ceiling, or getting whipped a bunch of times read these tips,

  • RESEARCH– I can’t tell you how many women I have met who said their experience was “not fun”, “boring” or unsatisfying.  The reason why that may happen is because either you haven’t researched a fetish at a deeper level.  If you are interested in a specific fetish or kink it is essential to research a lot BEFORE you even think to try it.  There are also many different terms, meanings, and vocabulary again this is why research is needed you really have to understand what you are getting yourself into before going into a play session.
  • KNOW YOUR HARD LIMITS-  one of the most important things when it comes to ANY and I do mean ANY relationship with anyone in the BDSM or fetish world is to know what you DON’T want to try or do.  It is also important to know what you want from the person.  Do you want a dom?  Are you looking to add some spice to your marriage or bedroom? Know your hard limits and stick to them.
  • SAFE WORDS ARE MANDATORY-    at the point in time because you are so new or not sure of how much of a kink you like, the intensity, the pressure, the emotion, etc, it is really important to have a safe word you and your play mate agree upon.
  • EVERYONE Has a Place- in the fetish community everyone has a place and it is respected, provided you find the right people, and you take caution with those you do converse with.  The fetish community is typically non judgmental and you kind of have to be in this community with an open mind.  There is a kink for everyone I promise!
  • Join an Online Fetish Community or Kink App- another way to establish yourself and get yourself into to amazing world of kink, is to join an online community or app, most of these allow you to post any picture you want so discretion is not a worry!  I recommend “Fetlife” for websites and the Whiplr app for iphone or android.  I will write up a segment and review on Whiplr in future posts.  Both communities allow you to reach out and get know others, you can select what you are seeking, whom you are, your kinks, your hard limits and more.

Whether you like having your feet tickled, or being spanked over a handsome hunks knee, or everything in between, I hope you find grand pleasure and life long friendship and support.


Meet Me on the Web

No Bull Tips For Meeting Someone In Person

Social media, and dating  have become a very married topic.  Today I am going to give you some pointers about meeting people that you’ve spoken to online. Please note I do not guarantee any results and should you feel that your life is in danger please call 911 IMMEDIATELY.


This one is kind of a no brainer.  If this is your first time meeting someone, especially someone you don’t skype, or face time a lot, meeting at your house may not be the brightest idea.  If you are going to meet at your house, please at least make sure you have a bestie, or guard dog with you.

I always recommend meeting in public, it is definitely much safer the first time you meet.

DON’T Leave Your Drink Abandoned

Again another cliche’ but very important bit of information, if you at any time have to leave your martini, cosmo, or any other open container drink where you cannot see it, please don’t leave it and then drink it.  It may be more costly but you never know if someone is going to leave a “surprise coma” in your drink.

If Something Feels “Off” Don’t Ignore It

If something doesn’t feel right or “shady” about the person you’re planning to meet wait a good week to a month see if it still feels off, if it does, please don’t go and meet them you really never know who sits behind that screen.

Meeting people in person that you’ve talked to online can be fun, amazing, and such a lovely experience but please take precautions when you do.



“It’s Not Fun Anymore..”

The Surprising Reason Your Bedroom Boom Isn’t Explosive Anymore.

You’ve had three years or more of explosive mind blowing sex, with your partner.  But lately, it just seems to routine, and it feels like you’re just bumping uglies to get it over with.

What happened?!  Why is sex no longer fun for you or both or both of you?

The Answer May Surprise You…

Image result for Sacral Chakra

You have an energy wheel called the “Sacral Chakra”.  This chakra is what keeps that sexy energy flow between you and your partner flowing.  The sacral chakra is sexual energy, this energy wheel when blocked may cause an array of issues including, but not limited to, boredom with sexuality, routine sex, lack of sex, over active sex drive, not achieving orgasm, and even can cause menstrual issues.


Image result for aha!'

How Does One Achieve Orgasm, and Unblock the Sensual Sacral Chakra?

There are a few ways, one way that I strongly encourage clients. is to go through a sexy reiki session.  This is a new service that I have added and the benefits are explosive.  Everything has energy right?  That includes you and your partner’s relationship in and out of the bedroom, so having a session done by me, or another reiki master of your choosing, will help you to unleash the blocks, discuss any concern or anything that may be causing a block, and then open and balance both of you and your partner’s chakras and the chakras of your relationship(yes inanimate objects are beneficial to reiki too). Once the chakras are balanced I will attune you to each other’s chakras allow an ultimate mind, body, and soul relationship that will surely get the bedroom blazing!

Another way or an add on to a reiki session which is highly beneficial to women is what is called a Yoni wand, this wand is made of crystal, don’t worry this is perfectly safe to insert in your hot pocket!  Yoni wands help balance and maintain sexual energy.  Think of them as a magical dildo!

What tips do you find that keeps your bedroom hotter than a night in Cabo?