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Pagan Thanksgiving?!  Say What?!

Hello to all you beautiful souls!

I was browsing around on google images today to find a nice fall background for my Facebook and WordPress, when I came across some very interesting information I wanted to share!

Pagans do not have direct connection to Thanksgiving, however history does show that they did indeed celebrate.   Here are a couple of traditions from different parts of the world!

In Greece, pagans held a 3 day event around this time of year called, Thesmophoria.  This event celebrated the grain goddess Demeter.  On the first day of Thesmophoria,women would create shelters made from leafy plants and would also furnish these shelters with couches for instance, that were made from other plants!

The second day of Thesmophoria, involved fasting, and the third day of Thesmophoria involved a huge feast in hopes that grain goddess, Demeter would bring an abundant harvest.

Let’s look at China..

The ancient Chinese held a festival called Chung Ch’ui, a celebration revolving around the full moon.  China was being destroyed by thieves who left them hungry, and abandoned unable to return to their home.  On this occasion women would bake moon cakes, which contained a message that had a warning and notice about when the attack would happen in hopes to prevent another devastation.  It worked!  The thieving foes lost against the Chinese because of this ambush!  In honor of this, moon cakes are consumed around this time every year in remembrance of this event.

How do you celebrate thanksgiving?




Healing Our Pets

Your Guide to Animal Reiki

It is no doubt that holistic medicine is booming.  Alternative medicine is every and anywhere we look.  We often see crystal jewelry, crystal healers,psychics, and reiki masters.   These amazing light workers all bring wondrous joy to humans.

Did you know reiki does not just benefit us well magically mundane folk?  It can also benefit our fur babies as well!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is where a practitioner( aka me who is certified), will channel universal life force energy through their hands and then it is sent to the animal or person, in which then they choose where they need the healing to go.  Reiki also helps to remove blocks or clear our chakras or energy wheels these wheels are vitally important to our overall well being and they are just as essential to our pets.

The Benefits of Animal Reiki

I bet by now you’re sitting there at computer jumping down in excitement for this segment of this blog post!  Look no further! Here are the benefits of animal reiki:

  • Strengthen bond between pet and owner
  • Relieve past, and/or currently live trauma such as abuse.
  • Help provide comfort to a hospice patient
  • Speed up the healing process of post-op procedures
  • Help remove unwanted behavior

You can find many animal reiki masters among social media for your pet I also am certified and can perform animal reiki as well.

Have you tried animal reiki?

Connection Lost…

Trouble Connecting to a Tarot Deck?  Try This!

I know this trouble all too well!

We buy a new tarot deck, we read the manual, we sleep with the cards for a week or more, and well nothing….

No advice to be given, no connection felt., so what do we do in this case?

Leave your tarot deck for a month in the box it had come in and leave it in a trunk or somewhere you keep your other decks.

In the meantime, read the guide book of the deck, or a “tarot meanings for beginners” so to speak, it will help you to understand your deck’s mindset.

After the month has gone by, revisit the deck and see if there is a connection I bet you there will be!

A Few Surprising Reasons You May Not Be Connecting With Your Deck

  • If you have not taken a pink Himalayan or sea salt bath, these are especially important to take at least twice a week especially if you are reading tarot, or perform other mystical workings, they help to detox energies you may not realize you have absorbed!
  • The deck may not be for you, as heart breaking as it is, and I have had cases of this, there are some decks I just don’t work well with or connect with.
  • You may need to take a step back from divination or what I call ” psychic burn out” this is indeed a stressful part of your psychic, or tarot journey however it is essential that you take a few weeks to just sit back and relax, sometimes we read and do so much divination that our third eyes need some shut eye too!

Don’t give up, you amazing, mystic, you got this!





Finding The Right Tarot Reader

Simple Tips on How to Find the Right Tarot Reader For You

Tarot is an ever growing way of counseling because it looks at the shadows and the light.  However, there are so many tarot readers so how do you find which one suits your needs?   Read on to see my simple tips on finding the right reader.

1. Know What You Want Clarity On

This by far is the most important tip anyone can give a person who is seeking guidance.  Are you struggling with finances?  Maybe you want to know your soul’s purpose, or what to look for when vibrating your fine energetic self to attract that fine soul who can sing the same tune as you!  Perhaps you want to connect with your spirit guides or fur babies who have passed on.  But the most important part is to be very clear about what guidance you are seeking.  If you ask for a general reading don’t be surprised when it comes back with very basic info.

2. Know Your Reader

Another important part of finding a “legit” or “real” psychic or tarot reader is getting to know them.  I love when clients ask me how long I have been reading, or what drew me to psychic readings, or what kind of spirits I connect with!  This is so very important you should be able to feel comfortable enough that you could SEE yourself becoming besties with your reader.  IF you message a tarot reader or psychic, and the first thing they do is throw a price out there, without ANY sort of introduction, stay away.  Clients will explain to me what they seek clarity on, and then in that instance I give prices but I don’t just start to throw my pricing out there.  I want my clients to feel comfortable and like we are besties!

3. Know Your Budget

Psychic and tarot reading businesses are don’t run just on mysticism you know.  It is important to know and RESPECT psychic reader’s pricing and what you get for each price or package.  Some psychics will do it for free, some for five dollars some for one hundred dollars or more.  If you have five dollars don’t haggle a psychic who tells you her readings are 100 dollars that’s not fair to her and the service she is providing.

Also another great perk about supporting an individual business is that you are not feeding some money hungry corporation but rather a family, her pets, maybe her care that needs to be fixed so that she can go home to see family.   Small business rules!

May your tarot or psychic reading be all that you desire,



The Divine Creation of Spells

Must Know Tips For Maidens,Mothers,and Crones

It’s October people and you know what that means…Samhain is coming!! yaaayyyyyyy!

Okay enough of that, let’s cut to the chase, or cauldron I should say.

Spells do not need to be complex and I guarantee you, you’ve done a few spells and may have not even realized it!

Here are some tips whether you are new to the craft, or seasoned(with sage, tee hee!), I hope these tips help you get the most effective results you wish for.

  1. Keep Your Intentions Clear!- I can’t stress this enough!  If you go into a spell unsure of what you want, your results will not be as you desire.  For example you want to move somewhere and want to land your dream job.  Instead of something like “My intentions with this spell is to move somewhere and land my dream hustle”, try being more specific like “My intentions with this spell is to move to Lorain,OH and land my dream job as a blogger and tarot reader, where I will attract much abundance and joy”.  The more clear you are with your intentions the more you are able to achieve all you desire!
  2. Keep Your Energy Clear- Self explanatory but I will explain.  If you go into a spell after a stressful day and jumbled mind it makes it harder to focus and weave your amazing energy to create all that you yearn for. Before conducting a spell make sure you take a salt bath and meditate, you’ll be much more powerful and focused I promise!
  3. Keep Your Circle Closed- Before you begin your spell and after meditation it is quite wise to keep your circle closed and your shields up, you don’t want uninvited guests coming to your mystical party do you?
  4. Research- You should be doing this for at least 3 days before you decided when you want to conduct your spell, it is important to know which deities, will best assist you, and what kind of offerings you should have.  Also, knowing which stones and herbs or metals, is another important part of spell work you should be well versed on, so you know exactly what you need.  Preparing is key spiritual warrior!
  5. Use What You Have- You don’t need the most expensive unicorn wand, or newest herbal smudge stick out there, you can use simple kitchen items, or even house hold goodies that you already own, and if you don’t have something and can’t afford it, you use energy, it’s also typically more powerful than buying a spell kit you really don’t need or can afford. Cheers to budget friendly brujas!

What tips do you follow for your magical workings?

The Witchy Bombshell

Meditation of the Month

Riding A Horse

Hello lovely souls! Today I bring you a meditation for the month of October!

Horses are known to be symbolic of spiritual journeys so I thought of this meditation. You can put on any incense, herbs, tea or other meditation pairings of your choice.


1. Find a quiet spot whether outdoors or even your room will do!

2. Take 5 deep cleansing breathes

3. Allow your mind to go blank visualize a white room.

4. Before you open this door visualize a glowing white or gold shield around you this will protect and guard you, during meditation.

5. Imagine yourself walking out the door of the room to a pasture. The grass is freshly cut, it is a luscious green color. You may visualize any plants you wish to be in your surroundings or let them come to you.

6. In this pasture there is a well walk up to it and place any fear or negative or unwanted emotion into it and empty it down the well.

7. You see a path you walk down it and see a single stall stable.

8. You see a beautiful horse(let the image come to you of what this horse looks like).

9. You offer this horse an apple as gratitude and a kind gesture.

10. You saddle up, or hop on your horse bareback as you do you canter to a field, here you canter ever so gracefully and gently allow yourself to let healing gentle light run from the top of your head to your toes to the horse and go the earth.

11. You come up to a pond you hop off your horse you walk over to the pond with your horse.

12. Ask your horse “what do I need to know or work on? How can I do so? ”

13. Look into the pond and allow the answer to come

14. When you are ready go back to your horse, canter back to the barn, when you return you will groom and remove the saddle. As you groom your horse thank them for all the lovely knowledge and tools they have acquainted you with.

15. Allow your horse to roam free in the meadow at the stables. Walk back the same way you came to the white door open the door and visualize your physical body.

16. Open your eyes and jot down any necessary notes you feel is important.


You’re So Salty!

Why Salt Baths Are Beneficial Spiritual Healers

I love what I do as a tarot reader and reiki energy healer.  I love that I have abilities and that I have the blessing of working on them daily.

I started noticing about 6 months ago that I started falling very ill and extremely drained after a reading session or healing session.

It was then that I asked a friend and they recommended salt baths.  I found that pink Himalayan salt soak from Dr Teal’s is my fave for this purpose.

Before I get anymore into salt baths I am going to give you a list of symptoms that you may resonate with that tell me when I need a salt bath:

  • Feeling very warm, without being sick
  • Sweating
  • Sensation of unbearable exhaustion and wanting to cry because of being so tired
  • Nightmares, and “night mare like visions
  • Feeling tired just from looking at a tarot deck, or divination tool
  • Feeling congested with your aura or energy wheels


This is how I feel after an intense healing or reading session so what I love to do is to take a salt bath either at night as soon as I can or right when I wake up. I add in two hand fulls of Dr Teal’s Pink Himalayan Salt soak.  I let it sit in the water and allow to the tub to fill a little before I sit down.

While I am in the bath I will usually have meditation music and also re align and give my self reiki treatments while in the bath.

When I come out I feel like  a brand new alive and awakened woman!

Have you tried salt baths?