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Pagan Thanksgiving?!  Say What?!

Hello to all you beautiful souls!

I was browsing around on google images today to find a nice fall background for my Facebook and WordPress, when I came across some very interesting information I wanted to share!

Pagans do not have direct connection to Thanksgiving, however history does show that they did indeed celebrate.   Here are a couple of traditions from different parts of the world!

In Greece, pagans held a 3 day event around this time of year called, Thesmophoria.  This event celebrated the grain goddess Demeter.  On the first day of Thesmophoria,women would create shelters made from leafy plants and would also furnish these shelters with couches for instance, that were made from other plants!

The second day of Thesmophoria, involved fasting, and the third day of Thesmophoria involved a huge feast in hopes that grain goddess, Demeter would bring an abundant harvest.

Let’s look at China..

The ancient Chinese held a festival called Chung Ch’ui, a celebration revolving around the full moon.  China was being destroyed by thieves who left them hungry, and abandoned unable to return to their home.  On this occasion women would bake moon cakes, which contained a message that had a warning and notice about when the attack would happen in hopes to prevent another devastation.  It worked!  The thieving foes lost against the Chinese because of this ambush!  In honor of this, moon cakes are consumed around this time every year in remembrance of this event.

How do you celebrate thanksgiving?




The Divine Creation of Spells

Must Know Tips For Maidens,Mothers,and Crones

It’s October people and you know what that means…Samhain is coming!! yaaayyyyyyy!

Okay enough of that, let’s cut to the chase, or cauldron I should say.

Spells do not need to be complex and I guarantee you, you’ve done a few spells and may have not even realized it!

Here are some tips whether you are new to the craft, or seasoned(with sage, tee hee!), I hope these tips help you get the most effective results you wish for.

  1. Keep Your Intentions Clear!- I can’t stress this enough!  If you go into a spell unsure of what you want, your results will not be as you desire.  For example you want to move somewhere and want to land your dream job.  Instead of something like “My intentions with this spell is to move somewhere and land my dream hustle”, try being more specific like “My intentions with this spell is to move to Lorain,OH and land my dream job as a blogger and tarot reader, where I will attract much abundance and joy”.  The more clear you are with your intentions the more you are able to achieve all you desire!
  2. Keep Your Energy Clear- Self explanatory but I will explain.  If you go into a spell after a stressful day and jumbled mind it makes it harder to focus and weave your amazing energy to create all that you yearn for. Before conducting a spell make sure you take a salt bath and meditate, you’ll be much more powerful and focused I promise!
  3. Keep Your Circle Closed- Before you begin your spell and after meditation it is quite wise to keep your circle closed and your shields up, you don’t want uninvited guests coming to your mystical party do you?
  4. Research- You should be doing this for at least 3 days before you decided when you want to conduct your spell, it is important to know which deities, will best assist you, and what kind of offerings you should have.  Also, knowing which stones and herbs or metals, is another important part of spell work you should be well versed on, so you know exactly what you need.  Preparing is key spiritual warrior!
  5. Use What You Have- You don’t need the most expensive unicorn wand, or newest herbal smudge stick out there, you can use simple kitchen items, or even house hold goodies that you already own, and if you don’t have something and can’t afford it, you use energy, it’s also typically more powerful than buying a spell kit you really don’t need or can afford. Cheers to budget friendly brujas!

What tips do you follow for your magical workings?

The Witchy Bombshell

Blast From the Past

Signs You May Be Experiencing a Past Life

Akashic Records are on the rise, and everyone wants to know about them, but there sometimes is a point that you need to take a step back, or may be in need of a reiki healing session in order to help you let go of past life trauma.

  • You start liking things that make no sense, and you not have liked these at one time this life.  This means for example, I never liked greens or dark green colors before but this life as soon as I got more into druidry I had the worst itch for velvet dark green renaissance style dresses.  Come to find out in my past life I wore a lot of renaissance style dresses.
  • You miss someone and you don’t know who it is.  I began hurting to a point being around other people killed me so I had to take a step back.   I began writing these letters I didn’t who they were to, and it helped relieve that pain.  Come to find out I was writing to my husband in a past life and he is my twin flame and I have been reunited with him this life( not together yet).
  • You have a fear of a specific landscape.  I have seen this a few times with clients.  What this means is that you are fearful of something such as open bodies of water.  I had a client who was terrified of this and come to find out she was actually drowned in a past life.

Have you had a past life experience?  Share in the comments section!

The Witchy Bombshell

A Motivational Letter for Empaths

Dear empath,

I know it’s hard. I know how much it hurts when we keep trying our best to surround ourselves with people who won’t break our hearts, deceive, or lie to us. I know its like a million bones and nerves in your body all fired at once when he/she/they/etc left. I know how tempting it is to want to turn away from the world and go into a coma deep isolation.

I also know it takes much more courage to be kind. No matter how many people try to break us no matter how many times our hearts are shattered we are strong. We are unbreakable. It takes a true warrior to grow and be thankful for the experience rather than let it ruin us. We my empathic angels and healers, we are powerful yet we are able to be kind and humble in our journeys and that’s pretty badass if you ask me!

We have the power to look within us and take any energy that’s negative and allow our wisdom and power to turn that bad energy into love and kindness.

You got this empathic soldiers


One very dedicated empath to herself and to healing the world

Trick Or Treat!

My Halloweenish Themed Tarot and Oracle Deck Picks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  No I am not talking about Yule, I am talking about Halloween or Samhain if you rock the Pagan boat.  Today I wanted to give you my Halloween themed tarot decks.  These also are decks that just for some reason bring that gorgeous fall vibe we all love so much!

The Everyday Witch Tarot By Deborah Blake

This deck brings everything witch, and everything captivating Autumn, that brings me the memories of grandma’s apple pie, autumn hay, and more!  This 78 card deck has a cute witch and cat on every card!  The images are simply magical and captivating!

Image result for everyday witch tarot

Oracle of Light and Dark By Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Beckett Griffith

I love, love, love, this deck!  This oracle deck has 45 cards of autumn and Halloweenish themed spirits and images!  I love this deck especially when extra clarity is needed in Autumn, I still use it year round though, haha!

Image result for Oracle of Light and Dark

Both decks can be ordered via amazon or from the authors on their websites.

Which decks have got you feeling the Halloween creeps?


Stay Witchy,