Healing Our Pets

Your Guide to Animal Reiki

It is no doubt that holistic medicine is booming.  Alternative medicine is every and anywhere we look.  We often see crystal jewelry, crystal healers,psychics, and reiki masters.   These amazing light workers all bring wondrous joy to humans.

Did you know reiki does not just benefit us well magically mundane folk?  It can also benefit our fur babies as well!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is where a practitioner( aka me who is certified), will channel universal life force energy through their hands and then it is sent to the animal or person, in which then they choose where they need the healing to go.  Reiki also helps to remove blocks or clear our chakras or energy wheels these wheels are vitally important to our overall well being and they are just as essential to our pets.

The Benefits of Animal Reiki

I bet by now you’re sitting there at computer jumping down in excitement for this segment of this blog post!  Look no further! Here are the benefits of animal reiki:

  • Strengthen bond between pet and owner
  • Relieve past, and/or currently live trauma such as abuse.
  • Help provide comfort to a hospice patient
  • Speed up the healing process of post-op procedures
  • Help remove unwanted behavior

You can find many animal reiki masters among social media for your pet I also am certified and can perform animal reiki as well.

Have you tried animal reiki?

Pretty Little Empath

My Journey as an  Empathic Energy Healer

I knew as young as six years old that I was different from the world.  Colors had more meaning to me than just an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  I could hear the wind “whispering” knowledge, I could listen to the trees, speak of the ancient days narrating stories.

I always felt at home with animals, I was never very keen on connecting much with people, more so because it was so frustrating that I could not quite explain my self to most people.  This was because most people are so unaware of energy and I don’t miss much!

I also have always had a very unique connection to animals, often when I pet a dog or cat, I can hear their inner soul talk, I can feel the connection to them, I can even occasionally see  a past life of theirs as well.

At 24, I had became aware of just how strong my empath abilities were.  If you don’t know what an empath is, an empath is someone who feels at a deep emotional level, this ability allows them to be able to change or shift an energy in order to achieve a more positive outcome.

It was also at this age that I began to develop and strengthen my psychic abilities and tarot abilities.

As the years have gone on, I have became stronger and more in control and I will continue to do so because if you have ever had an empathic experience it can be mind blowing.

I also have became an animal reiki master and usui reiki master, so I can help others unlock their chakras and their awakening, and also so that I can help animals heal at a level that a scalpel or x-ray,cannot.

I also have transitioned myself from working full time, to working par time and having more time for the things I love and desire!

I cannot wait to see what comes next on this lovely journey!


The Energy Wheels Go Round and Round!

Why Chakras Play a Vital Role in Your Life

Sure, health and fitness should be important, and a base of any vitally brilliant life.  However, most people don’t understand that mind body and soul play a vital part in our lives.

Did you know everything is energy?

Before I got into Reiki, I had no idea just how important my chakra’s were or how vital their role in my life is.

What is a “Chakra?”

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for energy wheels.  We have seven main chakras these wheels each affect every aspect of our lives.  When unbalanced these chakras can cause physical, emotional, and physical turmoil.

How to Balance Your Chakras

There is truly no one way to balance and clear your chakras but here are two easy ways to balance your chakras.

  1. Spending time in nature, there really is no substitute for pure energy and these purest form can be found in nature!
  2. Reiki, this ancient and beautiful Chinese medicine, uses symbols and universal life force energy to clear and balance your energy wheels and keep them cleansed and flowing smoothly.

The Seven Main Chakra Points

Going from the top of the head down here is the location, and energy associated with each chakra.

  1. Crown Chakra(Top of head)- Spiritual growth, and journey
  2. Third-Eye Chakra(Between the brows, center of the forehead)- Intuition
  3. Throat Chakra(throat region)-communication, inner truth, honesty, self-expression.
  4. Heart Chakra(Chest region)-ability to give and receive love,compassion.
  5. Solar Plexus(stomach region)-will power, and confidence
  6. Sacral Chakra(under the navel/groin)- sexual/creative energy
  7. Root Chakra(Base of Spine)=Home/Security/Environment/Survival

Stay tuned more posts to come about each chakra and specific info