Inked Horse

a Sexy Tattoo Artist and a Gorgeous Model…

Saturday December 1st,2018 ,Vermont

It was a snowy day in Vermont, Arabella Fae, had just finished her work out.  Today the 5’5, curly hair, curvy and full figured bruenette did an hour long yoga session before her appointment with her tattoo artist, Jack.

Arabella walked up her amethyst stone staircase, up to her closet in her large master suite bedroom  She opened her marble wooden door, to her bedroom, where in the center stood a California king bed, it was encased with black satin sheets that had pink skulls etched all over. Beneath and around her, her glowing and sweaty reflection danced on her mirrored walls and black and white marble floor. She took a second and stared out her large bag window, the white see through curtain dancing in the wind, as the sun began to rise.

She moved away from the balcony entering the walk way to her walk in closet.

Beneath her tiny size 6 French pedicured feet, was a feathery pink carpet that brushed her sensitive soles.

She picked out a Five Finger Death Punch crop top and a pair of silken black yoga pants. She slid the top over her large DD breasts, clad in a lace and rhinestone black bra.

Her shirt showed off her plus size yet very toned stomach.

Her yoga pants hugged her hips showing off her thick muscular thighs and rounded apple curved ass.


Jack wiped down his chairs and table at his tattoo shop “The Brass Knuckle”.

The room had strings of amethyst in the door way that danced like purple lights. The room had white walls and lavender purple curtains. There were rose quartz geodes that glimmered upon the forest green counters.

Jack stood in the full size mirror looking at himself.

His giant, yet muscular and bulky body that bared tattoos everywhere, was suddenly hungry for a curvy babe to torment and tease. His eyes glistened Caribbean blue, his face masculine yet lonely, his eyes ached for a pair of gorgeous female eyes to beg him to stop.

He adjusted his black tank top and Ed Hardy blue jeans followed by black converse shoes.

Suddenly his phone rang she was here for her fire dragon tattoo they had discussed the other day when she came to his tattoo shop.

Jack came to the waiting room to bring her to his room.

She was the most gorgeous and pure being he ever sensed in his presence. Her midnight black hair spiraled down her back she had on a Five Finger Death Punch Shirt, and lovely yoga pants that hugged her large, round, Apple shaped ass. Arabella had on a pair of white Chanel stilettos.

Sure, she was a little chubby but she had a lovely toned belly and jaw dropping curves. Jack’s cocked instantly hardened.

Mmm yes she was delicious.


Arabella was absolutely captivated by Jack, his wolf like walk, gorgeous muscles, deep blue eyes, silky blonde long hair that seemed to canter in the wind as he walked. Jack was a work of art that her mouth and long French tipped nails wish to explore.

She was sure she heard a chuckle that sounded much like a horse nickering.

Arabella spent a good half an hour talking about life, love , her horse rescue career, and listen to Jack’s painful hand-fasting fairy tale that never happened. His fiancé had secretly fell in love with his ex-tattoo studio co-owner and left that night to wed him instead of Jack. He had never looked at another female again but this was different he was spell bound by Arabella.

Jack laid a satin sheet on the black leather chair and instructed Arabella to remove her shirt and bra.

Arabella had no issue doing this in front of him and he sat awestruck at her gorgeous nipples that had a opalite Stone piecing in each one.

She laid on the chair smiling at the way he stared at her soul and it was like his hands were exploring her body without actually touching her.

She went to stretch and yelped almost falling over. Jack couldn’t help but chuckle at her clumsy moment.

“Listen here Fabio, laugh at me again and I will give you a reason to be laughing in hysterics”, Arabella threatened playfully, her brown eyes upon Jack like a horse ready to charge.

“Oh? How do you plan to do that?”, Jack grinned tempting the Clydesdale inside her.

“I’ll tickle you into next week, stallion”, Arabella grinned. Wiggling her nails at him.

She was already awakening the Clydesdale and wild yet playful spirit that he thought he his years ago.

“I’ll get you back worse”, Jack grinned.

“Bring it!” Arabella laughed.

Suddenly Arabella pounced pinning him to ground.

Jack was taken aback by how fast she could move. Suddenly his hands were tied together to his chest and his feet in her lap.

Jack whimpered trying to move away.

Arabella was in her glory, like a wolf who had their first taste of their prey’s blood in their mouth.

She yanked off his shoes and socks when she caught him glaring at her.

“I’m not ticklish”, Jack grinned.

“So, you won’t mind if I try then?” Arabella asked. She wiggled one nail right above the soft, size 11 feet that were at her mercy, not yet touching his skin.

“One thing, do you have a tickle fetish?” Jack asked squirming.

Arabella blushes and then said “Yes I am a switch, and you?”.

“Hell yea! I do too I’m a switch”, Jack smiled.

Arabella smirked this time showing her white as snow canines.

“You said you’re not ticklish though so I suppose I may not have much fun tickling these piggies but I should find out anyway!” Arabella grinned.

She pried his left toes back and very lightly scraped at the exposed flesh below Jacks big toes.

Jack shut his eyes super tight the tickling so extreme it made him shiver. It seemed like an eternity of torment as her index nail through traced below his big toe the nail just grazing the skin.

When Arabella didn’t get a reaction she moved to the middle toes noticing how much Jack struggled to keep from laughing. It was starting to drive him mad when her two index nails scraped and plucked away at the middle toe skin.

Finally it brought him to his breaking point and Jack roared in laughter unable to handle her delicate fingernails stroking his sensitive stems.

By the time she hit the baby toe stem Jack was crying in laughter shaking his head side to side. He finally broke and begged for mercy.

“Alright fine, I probably should be nice”, Arabella playfully sighed cutting his restraints.

Suddenly her bare size 6 pedicured feet were in his lap.

“Let’s see how sensitive your toes are”, Jacked laughed. He held open her soft and delicious looking toes. He inserted his index finger and began scraping the flesh between her middle and ring toe.

Her reaction was instant she lifted her round ass off the ground and began letting out loud squeals and whoops of hysterical laughter.

Jack was in bliss he absolutely loved her laugh it was deep, throaty and completely sexy.

He went through the next set of two toes and was rewarding with screams and yelps. He decided to drag his 10 fingers up and down her creamy, silky arches.

He brought her to her breaking point this was there she begged for mercy.

Before he let her go she looked at him a bit scared but dying to tell him something that stirred in her eyes.

“You can ask me anything, I don’t judge “, Jack smiled.

“I’m a bit aroused”, Arabella confesses blushing.

“That would make two of us “, Jack grinned. He locked his door to his tattoo room grabbed a pair of cuffs from the closet and restrained her laying down spread eagle. Arabella was now only clad in her birthday suit.

Her skin was already glowing with sweat now showing muscles that were coming through her tummy and her sex smelled absolutely heavenly. He needed to taste her.

“Are you sure?” Jack asked

“Yes, I consent”, Arabella purred.

He bent down above her like a wolf over his catched dinner. The hooved beast in him galloping and rearing it’s head. He wanted to mount that fine mare a woman.

He licked her lower lip, tiny circular laps of pleasure that sent chills down her spine.

Arabella bucked her hips.

“Naughty woman!” Jack exclaimed, squeezing and pinching her hips tickling her right to very bones. He was reward rewarded with squeals of laughter. His stomach muscles clenched in pleasure everything she did drove him to the brink of release.

Her mouth found his highly sensitive ear she took his earlobe into her mouth nibbling her teeth just lightly pinching the lobe while her tongue massaged the skin.

It was all Jack could take he kissed her fiercely yet gently, and hungrily unzipped his pants and sliding himself into her moist, soft, and tight vagina.

They rode each their smiling never taking a second to stop kissing the feeling of her skin on his and vise versa send a thunderstorm of pleasure and a tornado of release crashing through them.

Jack untied her slipped on his clothes and grabbed the tattoo machine and ink.

“How about that tattoo now?” Jack offered.

“Ink me up baby”, Arabella whispered.

When it was complete the black Celtic fire dragon tattoo was so realistic it was like it was rising up out of her skin and curling at her hips and ribs.

It was the one of the finest pieces of work Jack had ever created.

The End.

Absinthe and Winter

Monday October 31,2021 Absinthe and Winter Dungeon Club,

Salem, Massachusetts

Ember Fae was nursing her martini glass full of absinthe watching her friend Anna, step up to the domination and exhibition ring. Anna clad in a denim crop top, long ringlets of blonde hair, and daisy dukes. Anna definitely was the typical preppy, pretty woman, except she was smart, sneaky, and had a quick tongue and a morbidly awesome sense of humor. Looks were deceiving if you didn’t know her, you would have never known that classy was only a look. On the inside, Anna was a wild child who loved kink galore.

Ember chose to be more discreet only selecting a very few men to share her love of kink with, she was so empathic and it became too emotional for her to get close.

Ember’s green eyes followed the curves of Anna’s hips, ass and ribs. She watched her body glistening with sweat and sex.

Ember wiped the alcohol that was accidentally spilled on her black lace corset when suddenly she felt a hand on her sun kissed shoulder, causing her to jump, obviously started.

Adrian Synke looked into her eyes, an intense flood of sensuality, warmth and desire ripped through Ember’s eyes.

Ember could not breathe looking into Adrian’s eyes that were a deep royal blue, with flecks of icy white and blue lightning through them, caused her to forget her name for a bit.

Adrian flashed her a huge grin and gently placed an amethyst piece into her palm, her skin was smooth and soft not even a hint of dry skin everywhere.

He leaned over her shoulder, his six foot three figure hoovering over her, long black hair tickling the base of her exposed neck, as her Starburst red hair was tied up in a messy, and elegant bun.

“If you want to see a different side of the play, press this piece and chant my name inside your head three times”, Adrian whispered his beard teasing the skin on her gauged ears.

Ember shivered letting out a small child like giggle before rubbing her ear.

Adrian sensed that might have been the first time in years she truly laughed or let any sort of guard down, and he was not about to admit to anyone even himself, that her laugh was simply adorable.

Ember walked down the hall to where she thought she saw Adrian go, she held the amethyst in her right hand.

“Adrian, Adrian, Adrian“, Ember chanted in her mind.

Suddenly, a set of gentle, sensual fingers were trailing across her hip bone and trace up along her core muscles around her belly button ring, brushing the fabric of her black lace and velvet corset, to the waist band at the curve and dip of her hips.

Upon the lower bare flesh of her lower back, she felt a tall male figure, warm, like a fireplace on a cold Winter’s night. Adrian’s core muscles and back muscles clenched hungrily, wolf like. She could have sworn from the corner of her eyes she saw a large Black wolf, with golden green eyes staring at her right combat boot. Crazier than that, she could have sworn she saw a brown wolf looking up at her and then at the wolf she caught from her peripheral vision.

“So I see you are ready to play”, Adrian whispered, kissing up and down Ember’s neck before tracing a triquetra, at the base. He grinned feeling her chakras clear and then balance and she melted into his touch. He was glad she decided to play, because, even if it were for a night, the honor of being in the presence of an exquisite animal healer as herself, and even more so an amazing druid, and beautiful, kind lone brown wolf.

“Why are you thinking of wolves?” Ember suddenly burst out in shock, was she hearing his thoughts?

“Oops”, Adrian smiled at her blushing, he grabbed her, his bare shoulder which had the triquetra tattooed on it, he held her in a fire mans hold taking her into a dark room.

Before she could protest, he opened the door turned on the light and Ember suddenly stood there awestruck by what she saw.

She expected the room to be some kind of BDSM dungeon. Ember couldn’t have been more wrong.

Inside the room was a single queen sized mattress, it was not on a box spring, rather clad in silk sheets white as the snow.

“Do you trust me?”, Adrian whispered over her collarbone, standing and facing her, brushing his face and beard across her neck, collarbone and chest. The gesture reminded her so much of a wolf, and suddenly at the deepest, most emotional part of her soul that she thought she had hidden, a wolfish growl escaped her lips mixed with a “yes”.

Adrian gazed into her eyes for a moment and then gently pushed her backwards onto the mattress. He blindfolded her, tying her arms over her head and her feet spread out.

“Mmm, a fan of kink, too, I see. Just know, I’m not usually a fan of being the submissive so this is your lucky night wolf boy”, Ember teased, licking his right nipple slowly as he kneeled over her.

Adrian gasped and then pinched her right nipple quickly, grinning as she let out a pup like yelp.

“Better be nice. This wolf will make yours howl for mercy.”, Adrian growled, removing her corset and revealing gorgeous breasts, a lovely well toned core and beautiful hips that made a sexy bridge leading to more sensual areas.

He had already removed her black leather pants and lace panties. She lay there naked, nervous and very much aroused.

“Oh, I dare you sir.”, Ember taunted.

” I do play a little differently. I will be touching you only through astral travel. This means the only part of you I am dominating is your spirit and your astral energy, it is more intense than physical play. Do you consent?”, Adrian asked.

“Yes, sir, I consent”, Ember said. She loved the blindfold and the dragon’s blood incense she could smell burning. She felt Adrian place what felt like a warm, wet, stone upon the top of her head between her eyes, the throat, her chest, her stomach, right above her vagina, and right at the bottom her feet and legs. She felt his hand caress her face down her neck, lightly tracing her collarbone, down her core, to her hips and then she didn’t feel his physical presence.

She heard beautiful tribal and Celtic instrumentals playing quietly, the smell of jasmine, wind, thunder and lightning haunting her senses. Suddenly she was miles away where she saw Adrian clad in black boxers waiting for her on the snow white canopy bed. She made her way to him only to realize he had her pinned under him.

Her hands caressed his ribs, his stomach muscles, and slowly stroked the under side right below his navel causing his erection to grow firmer. She kneeled before her green eyes flickering with gold flecks. She licked up and down each core muscle before tracing the rim of his navel. Adrian’s blood heated up, spirals of ecstasy whirled around him and his energy danced with hers.

She gave his erection several long licks up and down repeatedly. It was not long before he was about to explode. He grabbed her, tossing her onto the mattress. She looked around seeing the walls made of gray stone, the window in the room she was in show cased an ocean almost as blue as Adrian’s eyes.

She brought her gaze back to Adrian where he stared at her. His eyes now gray, hungry, full of desire, and in the moment wanting only her. He placed his knees on either side of her hips.

He kissed her passionately, gently inserting his finger inside of her, stroking the tip of her clit and then all the sudden pausing. It was the most aggravating feeling in the world and it enraged Ember.

“Beg me, tell me how you badly want me to tongue fuck you into next Samhain”, Adrian whispered never moving his finger inside her, she writhed her hips.

“PLEASE sir I beg you please fuck me with your tongue and cock”, Ember begged heavily breathing.

“Good girl, here’s your reward”, Adrian grinned while his finger drew circles around her clit. His tongue slid in and out of her tight vagina, she grabbed onto the sheets, and right before she was able to cum, he stopped again.

“Not so fast, sexy woman”, Adrian smirked. She was already so scarily ravaged and exhausted and suddenly, he chained her to the wall, the ocean breeze caressing her skin. His hips met hers he began to slowly thrust in and out with his cock, then began to stir tiny circles, steadily making larger ones larger circles while inside her. Every second was absolute, delicious pleasure. Ember screamed out his name, finally releasing. She saw her run with him through a forest. She was a brown wolf chasing and playing with his midnight black wolf that had a small white diamond of fur at the top of his head. They sat at the edge of a cliff howling at the full moon while she took in every thought, every dream and desire.

Adrian saw the most beautiful soul he had the honor of seeing in a long time. He saw her cantering through a field with a beautiful Friesian draft horse. He then saw her performing energy healing on sickly animals, training horses and wolves to trust people again, among other creatures as well. He saw the lover, the dancer, the healer, the mother, and the woman dedicated to animals. She was the most beautiful storm of a woman he’d ever known.

Suddenly, Ember awakened focusing back into the room Adrian brought her in, she was shocked to see that other than hoovering over her, Adrian had not even physically touched her.


Ember took a shower that night, rinsing off the residual energy, and hints of whatever kind of energy sex she had. She went to go to the kitchen to make tea discovered her friend Anna waited at the table.

“Girl you were out like a light after that absinthe”, Anna chuckled…

©Amanda Martinotti, all rights reserved.

Gobble Gobble!

Pagan Thanksgiving?!  Say What?!

Hello to all you beautiful souls!

I was browsing around on google images today to find a nice fall background for my Facebook and WordPress, when I came across some very interesting information I wanted to share!

Pagans do not have direct connection to Thanksgiving, however history does show that they did indeed celebrate.   Here are a couple of traditions from different parts of the world!

In Greece, pagans held a 3 day event around this time of year called, Thesmophoria.  This event celebrated the grain goddess Demeter.  On the first day of Thesmophoria,women would create shelters made from leafy plants and would also furnish these shelters with couches for instance, that were made from other plants!

The second day of Thesmophoria, involved fasting, and the third day of Thesmophoria involved a huge feast in hopes that grain goddess, Demeter would bring an abundant harvest.

Let’s look at China..

The ancient Chinese held a festival called Chung Ch’ui, a celebration revolving around the full moon.  China was being destroyed by thieves who left them hungry, and abandoned unable to return to their home.  On this occasion women would bake moon cakes, which contained a message that had a warning and notice about when the attack would happen in hopes to prevent another devastation.  It worked!  The thieving foes lost against the Chinese because of this ambush!  In honor of this, moon cakes are consumed around this time every year in remembrance of this event.

How do you celebrate thanksgiving?



Snow, Heat,and Dance

November rain dances across the air.

I can taste winter making it’s journey again.

But even in the chilliest nights, your heat keeps my heart burning for you.

You kiss me once on the neck, first to play, then a bite.

Desire spirals through every vein, shivers crawl up my spine.

On the silken sheets I sit.

You remove, my shirt, oops my breasts are at your mercy.

I follow your gaze, waltzing my lips with yours.

Your skin touches mine, like thunder to lightning, lust crackling across my blood.

I smell the alpha, waiting to play with his wolf queen.

I trace my tongue across your chest, slow gentle little trails.

Going down, down, tracing your core, those sexy muscles tense, and tighten.

Faster than a hurricane our pants removed, panties gone, boxers lost.

Frustrating orange oceans of electrical currents roar along your skin.

Your hungry lips find my breasts.

Nips, yelps of delicious pain, and soothing tongue massages tug at the skin.

I arch my back, I feel your head moving lower, to a more passionate place.

Your tongue meets my temple, tracing along the lips, but still keeping me on the edge.

Your eyes flash gold for a second as you pause to catch my gaze.

I am on fire, drowning in lust, and howling with passion.

I need your power inside me now, I need the storm to pour, the wind to whirl.

You smile at me, enjoying the twisted pleasure of such a exquisite torment.

Your lips dance and tease along my lips,

I feel your energy meeting mine, inserting the erected pleasure deep inside.

We move together, a gentle pace, faster, and deeper, but never forceful or unwanted.

The snow falls, the dance moves so joyously, and the heat sizzles along our skin.

In the final moments of the release, I see you, the Clydesdale, the wolf, the dominant,

the lover, the warrior, and my best friend.

Our souls howl together, our hearts gallop through the astral realms

we are alive truly

breathing through each other’s cosmic lungs.

© Amanda Ashley Martinotti, all rights reserved.

The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done

Moving On, Moving Forward and Doing Me

October’s Samhain 2018, really has definitely created a level of abundance, reflection,and growth this past year.

I let go of someone I was head over heals for in both this life and past lives last December, we mutually agreed with all the feelings we had and me trying to work on the relationship with my boyfriend that it would be best.

Enter September 2018, I really began realizing my retail job, my family values, and my own desires were not being tended to!

I chose to settle for a guy, and by NO means am I going to sit here and bring him down, because he is an amazing person however, he isn’t the right person for me.    If he ever sees this blog post I do wish him all the abundance and blessings in the world.

My ex is a gamer, and I am not, I don’t mind video games, but he would come home after a hard day’s work, and trust me I get the need to chill for a few hours, but when he came home I would be pushed to the side for video games.

After four years, and a surprise return from my soul mate from past lives, and this life, I decided to be upfront and tell him this broomstick wasn’t flying no more.

There wasn’t a fight, not even a disagreement, and I knew then he knew just as much I did this circle of love wasn’t love anymore, it was merely two sparkless people doing their best to make something work that wasn’t meant to be.

I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all the tickle fights, late night laughter, and helping me realize that I need,want, and deserve more.  I know he will find someone he will fall head over heels for, but I am not that woman for him and that’s okay!


Moving Forward…

Being a reiki master, and intuitive empath, I have come to notice and be able to be aware of when energy is not alive anymore, or a stagnant stalemate.

Being at my job in the last two years, I have had more back and hip issues, not to mention being sick a lot more than I ever have.

I have came to realize, that the gained weight, the sickness, and the soreness and stiff legs, is a telltale sign of not just needing to get healthy, but a sign that this job is no longer serving me.

I can feel my soul die every time I am there, this is how I know this part of the journey is over.

My mindset when I am there is to just “hurry to get things done, do what i have to do without much else care”, I know that mindset is a burned out mind of trying to find happiness in a place that makes me scream for help on the inside while I am there.

I have decided to move forward, that being said i am moving to Ohio, to be with my soul mate, and create and build the life and business for myself I know that I need to and deserve to have.

I am sad to leave my family here but they are only a flight away or a phone call, or skype video call.

To my family if you ever see this, I love you to the moon and back you are my world and I can’t wait for you to be proud of the woman I will become.




For the Dreamers

Tarot Of Enchanted Dreams Review

Hey lovely souls!  I was honored a few weeks ago to receive the lovely and kind Yasmeen Westwood’s deck “Tarot of the Enchanted Dreams”.  Read on to see my thoughts about the deck!

This lovely deck has 78 cards and is in your tradiitional rider waite suits meaning cups, swords,pentacles, and wands.

I absolutely adore these cards!  They have such a whimsically feel, and dreamscape vibe to them!

Each of the suits have a color to correspond to the suit for instance wands and orange cups and blue etc.

These are easy to read, and shuffle and they have such a gentle energy to them.

The back is a gorgeous blue starry night with a large and full white moon and it is simply captivating.

I usually am the one collecting the animal decks so this was such a treat for me enjoy and work with!

Check out Yasmeen’s shop or grab a deck of your own:

Instagram: @tarot_of_enchanted_dreams

What deck are you loving this month?