I’ll Talk My Latte With Sign Language

Starbucks Opens It’s Debut Sign Language Shop in Washington, D.C.

When you walk into the brand new Washington D.C store, don’t expect the typical mermaid cup filling, green apron-clad caffeineista.

What’s so unique you ask?  These lovely baristas can speak coffee in sign language!

Here are some even more awesome reasons why you need to visit if you are ever in the Washington D.C. Area:

  • Located at a section of H Street Northeast, where Gallaudet University is near by, the world’s only liberal arts college for the deaf, and those with hearing issues.
  • Umbrella’s located at the front of the store, not only have “Starbucks” on them but they also include “Starbucks” in American Sign Language fingerspelling.
  • Exclusive mugs for this location that can only be found here.
  • No ambient music
  • Two way communication tablets for questions such as “What kind of milk?”
  • Chairs and Tables will be lower to be help with visibility as well as bright lights with a matte finish to prevent as much glare from the lighting as possible!

These are just a few of the things you will notice at this lovely location.

I sure hope we see more of these Starbuck’s coming to other locations nationwide!

Source: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/asl-starbucks-opens-washington-dc/index.html



Snow, Heat,and Dance

November rain dances across the air.

I can taste winter making it’s journey again.

But even in the chilliest nights, your heat keeps my heart burning for you.

You kiss me once on the neck, first to play, then a bite.

Desire spirals through every vein, shivers crawl up my spine.

On the silken sheets I sit.

You remove, my shirt, oops my breasts are at your mercy.

I follow your gaze, waltzing my lips with yours.

Your skin touches mine, like thunder to lightning, lust crackling across my blood.

I smell the alpha, waiting to play with his wolf queen.

I trace my tongue across your chest, slow gentle little trails.

Going down, down, tracing your core, those sexy muscles tense, and tighten.

Faster than a hurricane our pants removed, panties gone, boxers lost.

Frustrating orange oceans of electrical currents roar along your skin.

Your hungry lips find my breasts.

Nips, yelps of delicious pain, and soothing tongue massages tug at the skin.

I arch my back, I feel your head moving lower, to a more passionate place.

Your tongue meets my temple, tracing along the lips, but still keeping me on the edge.

Your eyes flash gold for a second as you pause to catch my gaze.

I am on fire, drowning in lust, and howling with passion.

I need your power inside me now, I need the storm to pour, the wind to whirl.

You smile at me, enjoying the twisted pleasure of such a exquisite torment.

Your lips dance and tease along my lips,

I feel your energy meeting mine, inserting the erected pleasure deep inside.

We move together, a gentle pace, faster, and deeper, but never forceful or unwanted.

The snow falls, the dance moves so joyously, and the heat sizzles along our skin.

In the final moments of the release, I see you, the Clydesdale, the wolf, the dominant,

the lover, the warrior, and my best friend.

Our souls howl together, our hearts gallop through the astral realms

we are alive truly

breathing through each other’s cosmic lungs.

© Amanda Ashley Martinotti, all rights reserved.

“We Got Our Pet From Craigslist”

How to Avoid Scams When Adopting Craigslist Pets

It’s not doubt that affording a pet can be extremely expensive.  You need to buy them food for their belly, water to cleanse their body, and a home to provide them a warm,safe place to stay.

Let’s not forget you have the annual exams, depending on the pet you may need vaccinations, or spay and neuter.

Uh oh!  You find your pet dog, Fluffy, has gotten into your children’s toys!  Little Tommy is missing his favorite action figure, only to discovered after an emergency visit, and X-Ray, that it is residing in your dog’s tummy!

Or maybe you’ve decided you want to adopt a puppy or kitten so you go only to discover the adoption fee is a staggering 600 dollars!

You decide you want to adopt from craigslist, here are some tips to help avoid scams.

  • DO NOT give any payment to anyone before you meet the animal.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is depositing money to someone BEFORE meeting your new furry friend.
  • DO have cash in hand when you meet up.  IF you decide to go forward and adopt the animal it is wise to have the cash amount with you.
  • DO NOT meet in a private place.  For obvious reasons
  • DO meet in a park, city event, or parking lot of a busy store, again it is more safe than entering someone’s home you do not know.

While no advice can make adopting craigslist pet’s 100 percent safe these tips will help you avoid potentially dangerous situations..


Pecan Resist!

What You Need to Know About Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream’s New Flavor!

Raise the ice cream scoop folks!  Ben and Jerry’s has released a new ice cream flavor the won’t just rock your taste buds, but it’s also rocking social media, while also helping to end discrimination towards women who are immigrants, LGBTQ, of color, and women who are refugees.

There is also four amazing organizations who are behind the creation of this flavor that are battling peacefully in an effort to protect and guard these women from discriminatory cruelty.

The Four Organizations

  1. Color of Change- Color of Change-     This organization works end procedures in which stop women of color, while coming up with solutions for everyone.
  2. NETA–  Neta is a sky rocketing media platform that was created by people of color along the Texas-Mexico border.
  3. Honorable Earth- This awesome organization works to find solutions to climate change, renewable energy, and environmental justice for native communities.
  4. Women’s March-  Women’s March aims to support and empower political power in different women in order to support social change.

The Flavor

This ice cream is sure to be a hit with chocolate and nut lovers everywhere!  It is composed of chocolate ice cream, white and dark chocolate fudge swirls, pecans, walnuts, and…fudge covered almonds!

Head on over to Ben and Jerry’s website here, to find a pint or ice cream shop near you!  Don’t forget the sprinkles!


Connection Lost…

Trouble Connecting to a Tarot Deck?  Try This!

I know this trouble all too well!

We buy a new tarot deck, we read the manual, we sleep with the cards for a week or more, and well nothing….

No advice to be given, no connection felt., so what do we do in this case?

Leave your tarot deck for a month in the box it had come in and leave it in a trunk or somewhere you keep your other decks.

In the meantime, read the guide book of the deck, or a “tarot meanings for beginners” so to speak, it will help you to understand your deck’s mindset.

After the month has gone by, revisit the deck and see if there is a connection I bet you there will be!

A Few Surprising Reasons You May Not Be Connecting With Your Deck

  • If you have not taken a pink Himalayan or sea salt bath, these are especially important to take at least twice a week especially if you are reading tarot, or perform other mystical workings, they help to detox energies you may not realize you have absorbed!
  • The deck may not be for you, as heart breaking as it is, and I have had cases of this, there are some decks I just don’t work well with or connect with.
  • You may need to take a step back from divination or what I call ” psychic burn out” this is indeed a stressful part of your psychic, or tarot journey however it is essential that you take a few weeks to just sit back and relax, sometimes we read and do so much divination that our third eyes need some shut eye too!

Don’t give up, you amazing, mystic, you got this!





Finding The Right Tarot Reader

Simple Tips on How to Find the Right Tarot Reader For You

Tarot is an ever growing way of counseling because it looks at the shadows and the light.  However, there are so many tarot readers so how do you find which one suits your needs?   Read on to see my simple tips on finding the right reader.

1. Know What You Want Clarity On

This by far is the most important tip anyone can give a person who is seeking guidance.  Are you struggling with finances?  Maybe you want to know your soul’s purpose, or what to look for when vibrating your fine energetic self to attract that fine soul who can sing the same tune as you!  Perhaps you want to connect with your spirit guides or fur babies who have passed on.  But the most important part is to be very clear about what guidance you are seeking.  If you ask for a general reading don’t be surprised when it comes back with very basic info.

2. Know Your Reader

Another important part of finding a “legit” or “real” psychic or tarot reader is getting to know them.  I love when clients ask me how long I have been reading, or what drew me to psychic readings, or what kind of spirits I connect with!  This is so very important you should be able to feel comfortable enough that you could SEE yourself becoming besties with your reader.  IF you message a tarot reader or psychic, and the first thing they do is throw a price out there, without ANY sort of introduction, stay away.  Clients will explain to me what they seek clarity on, and then in that instance I give prices but I don’t just start to throw my pricing out there.  I want my clients to feel comfortable and like we are besties!

3. Know Your Budget

Psychic and tarot reading businesses are don’t run just on mysticism you know.  It is important to know and RESPECT psychic reader’s pricing and what you get for each price or package.  Some psychics will do it for free, some for five dollars some for one hundred dollars or more.  If you have five dollars don’t haggle a psychic who tells you her readings are 100 dollars that’s not fair to her and the service she is providing.

Also another great perk about supporting an individual business is that you are not feeding some money hungry corporation but rather a family, her pets, maybe her care that needs to be fixed so that she can go home to see family.   Small business rules!

May your tarot or psychic reading be all that you desire,