The Ways of Kinky Fuckery

Tips for Easing Yourself Into The BDSM and Fetish Community

First let me start out by saying I am by no means an expert in this field I am just here to share my experiences with you.

Before you go hopping into suspension from the ceiling, or getting whipped a bunch of times read these tips,

  • RESEARCH– I can’t tell you how many women I have met who said their experience was “not fun”, “boring” or unsatisfying.  The reason why that may happen is because either you haven’t researched a fetish at a deeper level.  If you are interested in a specific fetish or kink it is essential to research a lot BEFORE you even think to try it.  There are also many different terms, meanings, and vocabulary again this is why research is needed you really have to understand what you are getting yourself into before going into a play session.
  • KNOW YOUR HARD LIMITS-  one of the most important things when it comes to ANY and I do mean ANY relationship with anyone in the BDSM or fetish world is to know what you DON’T want to try or do.  It is also important to know what you want from the person.  Do you want a dom?  Are you looking to add some spice to your marriage or bedroom? Know your hard limits and stick to them.
  • SAFE WORDS ARE MANDATORY-    at the point in time because you are so new or not sure of how much of a kink you like, the intensity, the pressure, the emotion, etc, it is really important to have a safe word you and your play mate agree upon.
  • EVERYONE Has a Place- in the fetish community everyone has a place and it is respected, provided you find the right people, and you take caution with those you do converse with.  The fetish community is typically non judgmental and you kind of have to be in this community with an open mind.  There is a kink for everyone I promise!
  • Join an Online Fetish Community or Kink App- another way to establish yourself and get yourself into to amazing world of kink, is to join an online community or app, most of these allow you to post any picture you want so discretion is not a worry!  I recommend “Fetlife” for websites and the Whiplr app for iphone or android.  I will write up a segment and review on Whiplr in future posts.  Both communities allow you to reach out and get know others, you can select what you are seeking, whom you are, your kinks, your hard limits and more.

Whether you like having your feet tickled, or being spanked over a handsome hunks knee, or everything in between, I hope you find grand pleasure and life long friendship and support.


The Words Witchy Bombshell

So I originally had my blog named “Creatively Manda”, and one day I was thinking does it really capture who I am?

I knew the answer, it was no. Sure it showed I was creative and my name but it had no ring it had no spark for someone to ask me how I came up with it…

Behold the name “Witchy Bombshell”. Why that name? Here’s the story…

The word witch or witchy to me, describes someone who can take the energy of their life and shift it into something grand and magical!

The word bombshell to me isn’t the girl you see with chiseled abs and curly blonde hair within bed room eyes that could make the most erect male literally explode.

No my dear to me, a bombshell is someone who knows her power she is just hiding beneath the cloak of everyday life and one day becomes ready to be awakened and when she does, she does all she knows to create the biz she deserves and the life she wants.

Long behold this is how witchy bombshell was born!

Blessed Be

The Witchy Bombshell

What’s in my Bag September Edition

Hey lovelies! With Summer behind us and Autumn Equinox in full bloom, I have chosen my must haves to carry with me for September!

1. Aline Handbag by Poppy Apparel- This Super-cute bag reminds me of walking around a shopping plaza with a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand! Casual, evening, or fabulous boss babe styles go great with this! You can find it at and use my code “witchybombshell” for 10 % off!

2. Sienna Palette by Profusion Cometics- Fall is fabulous with this gorgeous palette! This palette has super pretty reds, Browns, and golds, did I mention it has both shimmery and matte shades? Find it at your local Target store or on their website

3. Celtic Dragon Tarot by DJ Conway and Lisa Hunt Art- This deck is my goto right now it’s so powerful and alluring! This tarot deck has 78 cards each card contains dragons and other medieval symbols and people! This is perfect for the Druid or dragon finatic in your life. It’s on sale right now for $28 on Barnes and Noble website!

4. The Abiziena Jacket by Poppy Apparel- cute, bad ass, and classy this jacket is perfect for date nights or outings, on cold nights! Use code “witchybombshell” to save 10% !

5. “The Path of Druidry” by Penny Billington- My go to book right now for druid studies! She has fun little exercises and a great style of writing that keeps you coming back for more. I will provide a second review when I am finished reading!

6. Aloe Vera Lip Balm by EOS- I don’t like a lot of lip products but with harsh weather on the rise it is essential for me to have something to keep my lips from chapping or cracking!

What goodies are your bag carrying?!

The Witchy Bombshell