The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done

Moving On, Moving Forward and Doing Me

October’s Samhain 2018, really has definitely created a level of abundance, reflection,and growth this past year.

I let go of someone I was head over heals for in both this life and past lives last December, we mutually agreed with all the feelings we had and me trying to work on the relationship with my boyfriend that it would be best.

Enter September 2018, I really began realizing my retail job, my family values, and my own desires were not being tended to!

I chose to settle for a guy, and by NO means am I going to sit here and bring him down, because he is an amazing person however, he isn’t the right person for me.    If he ever sees this blog post I do wish him all the abundance and blessings in the world.

My ex is a gamer, and I am not, I don’t mind video games, but he would come home after a hard day’s work, and trust me I get the need to chill for a few hours, but when he came home I would be pushed to the side for video games.

After four years, and a surprise return from my soul mate from past lives, and this life, I decided to be upfront and tell him this broomstick wasn’t flying no more.

There wasn’t a fight, not even a disagreement, and I knew then he knew just as much I did this circle of love wasn’t love anymore, it was merely two sparkless people doing their best to make something work that wasn’t meant to be.

I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all the tickle fights, late night laughter, and helping me realize that I need,want, and deserve more.  I know he will find someone he will fall head over heels for, but I am not that woman for him and that’s okay!


Moving Forward…

Being a reiki master, and intuitive empath, I have come to notice and be able to be aware of when energy is not alive anymore, or a stagnant stalemate.

Being at my job in the last two years, I have had more back and hip issues, not to mention being sick a lot more than I ever have.

I have came to realize, that the gained weight, the sickness, and the soreness and stiff legs, is a telltale sign of not just needing to get healthy, but a sign that this job is no longer serving me.

I can feel my soul die every time I am there, this is how I know this part of the journey is over.

My mindset when I am there is to just “hurry to get things done, do what i have to do without much else care”, I know that mindset is a burned out mind of trying to find happiness in a place that makes me scream for help on the inside while I am there.

I have decided to move forward, that being said i am moving to Ohio, to be with my soul mate, and create and build the life and business for myself I know that I need to and deserve to have.

I am sad to leave my family here but they are only a flight away or a phone call, or skype video call.

To my family if you ever see this, I love you to the moon and back you are my world and I can’t wait for you to be proud of the woman I will become.