Absinthe and Winter

Monday October 31,2021 Absinthe and Winter Dungeon Club,

Salem, Massachusetts

Ember Fae was nursing her martini glass full of absinthe watching her friend Anna, step up to the domination and exhibition ring. Anna clad in a denim crop top, long ringlets of blonde hair, and daisy dukes. Anna definitely was the typical preppy, pretty woman, except she was smart, sneaky, and had a quick tongue and a morbidly awesome sense of humor. Looks were deceiving if you didn’t know her, you would have never known that classy was only a look. On the inside, Anna was a wild child who loved kink galore.

Ember chose to be more discreet only selecting a very few men to share her love of kink with, she was so empathic and it became too emotional for her to get close.

Ember’s green eyes followed the curves of Anna’s hips, ass and ribs. She watched her body glistening with sweat and sex.

Ember wiped the alcohol that was accidentally spilled on her black lace corset when suddenly she felt a hand on her sun kissed shoulder, causing her to jump, obviously started.

Adrian Synke looked into her eyes, an intense flood of sensuality, warmth and desire ripped through Ember’s eyes.

Ember could not breathe looking into Adrian’s eyes that were a deep royal blue, with flecks of icy white and blue lightning through them, caused her to forget her name for a bit.

Adrian flashed her a huge grin and gently placed an amethyst piece into her palm, her skin was smooth and soft not even a hint of dry skin everywhere.

He leaned over her shoulder, his six foot three figure hoovering over her, long black hair tickling the base of her exposed neck, as her Starburst red hair was tied up in a messy, and elegant bun.

“If you want to see a different side of the play, press this piece and chant my name inside your head three times”, Adrian whispered his beard teasing the skin on her gauged ears.

Ember shivered letting out a small child like giggle before rubbing her ear.

Adrian sensed that might have been the first time in years she truly laughed or let any sort of guard down, and he was not about to admit to anyone even himself, that her laugh was simply adorable.

Ember walked down the hall to where she thought she saw Adrian go, she held the amethyst in her right hand.

“Adrian, Adrian, Adrian“, Ember chanted in her mind.

Suddenly, a set of gentle, sensual fingers were trailing across her hip bone and trace up along her core muscles around her belly button ring, brushing the fabric of her black lace and velvet corset, to the waist band at the curve and dip of her hips.

Upon the lower bare flesh of her lower back, she felt a tall male figure, warm, like a fireplace on a cold Winter’s night. Adrian’s core muscles and back muscles clenched hungrily, wolf like. She could have sworn from the corner of her eyes she saw a large Black wolf, with golden green eyes staring at her right combat boot. Crazier than that, she could have sworn she saw a brown wolf looking up at her and then at the wolf she caught from her peripheral vision.

“So I see you are ready to play”, Adrian whispered, kissing up and down Ember’s neck before tracing a triquetra, at the base. He grinned feeling her chakras clear and then balance and she melted into his touch. He was glad she decided to play, because, even if it were for a night, the honor of being in the presence of an exquisite animal healer as herself, and even more so an amazing druid, and beautiful, kind lone brown wolf.

“Why are you thinking of wolves?” Ember suddenly burst out in shock, was she hearing his thoughts?

“Oops”, Adrian smiled at her blushing, he grabbed her, his bare shoulder which had the triquetra tattooed on it, he held her in a fire mans hold taking her into a dark room.

Before she could protest, he opened the door turned on the light and Ember suddenly stood there awestruck by what she saw.

She expected the room to be some kind of BDSM dungeon. Ember couldn’t have been more wrong.

Inside the room was a single queen sized mattress, it was not on a box spring, rather clad in silk sheets white as the snow.

“Do you trust me?”, Adrian whispered over her collarbone, standing and facing her, brushing his face and beard across her neck, collarbone and chest. The gesture reminded her so much of a wolf, and suddenly at the deepest, most emotional part of her soul that she thought she had hidden, a wolfish growl escaped her lips mixed with a “yes”.

Adrian gazed into her eyes for a moment and then gently pushed her backwards onto the mattress. He blindfolded her, tying her arms over her head and her feet spread out.

“Mmm, a fan of kink, too, I see. Just know, I’m not usually a fan of being the submissive so this is your lucky night wolf boy”, Ember teased, licking his right nipple slowly as he kneeled over her.

Adrian gasped and then pinched her right nipple quickly, grinning as she let out a pup like yelp.

“Better be nice. This wolf will make yours howl for mercy.”, Adrian growled, removing her corset and revealing gorgeous breasts, a lovely well toned core and beautiful hips that made a sexy bridge leading to more sensual areas.

He had already removed her black leather pants and lace panties. She lay there naked, nervous and very much aroused.

“Oh, I dare you sir.”, Ember taunted.

” I do play a little differently. I will be touching you only through astral travel. This means the only part of you I am dominating is your spirit and your astral energy, it is more intense than physical play. Do you consent?”, Adrian asked.

“Yes, sir, I consent”, Ember said. She loved the blindfold and the dragon’s blood incense she could smell burning. She felt Adrian place what felt like a warm, wet, stone upon the top of her head between her eyes, the throat, her chest, her stomach, right above her vagina, and right at the bottom her feet and legs. She felt his hand caress her face down her neck, lightly tracing her collarbone, down her core, to her hips and then she didn’t feel his physical presence.

She heard beautiful tribal and Celtic instrumentals playing quietly, the smell of jasmine, wind, thunder and lightning haunting her senses. Suddenly she was miles away where she saw Adrian clad in black boxers waiting for her on the snow white canopy bed. She made her way to him only to realize he had her pinned under him.

Her hands caressed his ribs, his stomach muscles, and slowly stroked the under side right below his navel causing his erection to grow firmer. She kneeled before her green eyes flickering with gold flecks. She licked up and down each core muscle before tracing the rim of his navel. Adrian’s blood heated up, spirals of ecstasy whirled around him and his energy danced with hers.

She gave his erection several long licks up and down repeatedly. It was not long before he was about to explode. He grabbed her, tossing her onto the mattress. She looked around seeing the walls made of gray stone, the window in the room she was in show cased an ocean almost as blue as Adrian’s eyes.

She brought her gaze back to Adrian where he stared at her. His eyes now gray, hungry, full of desire, and in the moment wanting only her. He placed his knees on either side of her hips.

He kissed her passionately, gently inserting his finger inside of her, stroking the tip of her clit and then all the sudden pausing. It was the most aggravating feeling in the world and it enraged Ember.

“Beg me, tell me how you badly want me to tongue fuck you into next Samhain”, Adrian whispered never moving his finger inside her, she writhed her hips.

“PLEASE sir I beg you please fuck me with your tongue and cock”, Ember begged heavily breathing.

“Good girl, here’s your reward”, Adrian grinned while his finger drew circles around her clit. His tongue slid in and out of her tight vagina, she grabbed onto the sheets, and right before she was able to cum, he stopped again.

“Not so fast, sexy woman”, Adrian smirked. She was already so scarily ravaged and exhausted and suddenly, he chained her to the wall, the ocean breeze caressing her skin. His hips met hers he began to slowly thrust in and out with his cock, then began to stir tiny circles, steadily making larger ones larger circles while inside her. Every second was absolute, delicious pleasure. Ember screamed out his name, finally releasing. She saw her run with him through a forest. She was a brown wolf chasing and playing with his midnight black wolf that had a small white diamond of fur at the top of his head. They sat at the edge of a cliff howling at the full moon while she took in every thought, every dream and desire.

Adrian saw the most beautiful soul he had the honor of seeing in a long time. He saw her cantering through a field with a beautiful Friesian draft horse. He then saw her performing energy healing on sickly animals, training horses and wolves to trust people again, among other creatures as well. He saw the lover, the dancer, the healer, the mother, and the woman dedicated to animals. She was the most beautiful storm of a woman he’d ever known.

Suddenly, Ember awakened focusing back into the room Adrian brought her in, she was shocked to see that other than hoovering over her, Adrian had not even physically touched her.


Ember took a shower that night, rinsing off the residual energy, and hints of whatever kind of energy sex she had. She went to go to the kitchen to make tea discovered her friend Anna waited at the table.

“Girl you were out like a light after that absinthe”, Anna chuckled…

©Amanda Martinotti, all rights reserved.