Connection Lost…

Trouble Connecting to a Tarot Deck?  Try This!

I know this trouble all too well!

We buy a new tarot deck, we read the manual, we sleep with the cards for a week or more, and well nothing….

No advice to be given, no connection felt., so what do we do in this case?

Leave your tarot deck for a month in the box it had come in and leave it in a trunk or somewhere you keep your other decks.

In the meantime, read the guide book of the deck, or a “tarot meanings for beginners” so to speak, it will help you to understand your deck’s mindset.

After the month has gone by, revisit the deck and see if there is a connection I bet you there will be!

A Few Surprising Reasons You May Not Be Connecting With Your Deck

  • If you have not taken a pink Himalayan or sea salt bath, these are especially important to take at least twice a week especially if you are reading tarot, or perform other mystical workings, they help to detox energies you may not realize you have absorbed!
  • The deck may not be for you, as heart breaking as it is, and I have had cases of this, there are some decks I just don’t work well with or connect with.
  • You may need to take a step back from divination or what I call ” psychic burn out” this is indeed a stressful part of your psychic, or tarot journey however it is essential that you take a few weeks to just sit back and relax, sometimes we read and do so much divination that our third eyes need some shut eye too!

Don’t give up, you amazing, mystic, you got this!