Inked Horse

a Sexy Tattoo Artist and a Gorgeous Model…

Saturday December 1st,2018 ,Vermont

It was a snowy day in Vermont, Arabella Fae, had just finished her work out.  Today the 5’5, curly hair, curvy and full figured bruenette did an hour long yoga session before her appointment with her tattoo artist, Jack.

Arabella walked up her amethyst stone staircase, up to her closet in her large master suite bedroom  She opened her marble wooden door, to her bedroom, where in the center stood a California king bed, it was encased with black satin sheets that had pink skulls etched all over. Beneath and around her, her glowing and sweaty reflection danced on her mirrored walls and black and white marble floor. She took a second and stared out her large bag window, the white see through curtain dancing in the wind, as the sun began to rise.

She moved away from the balcony entering the walk way to her walk in closet.

Beneath her tiny size 6 French pedicured feet, was a feathery pink carpet that brushed her sensitive soles.

She picked out a Five Finger Death Punch crop top and a pair of silken black yoga pants. She slid the top over her large DD breasts, clad in a lace and rhinestone black bra.

Her shirt showed off her plus size yet very toned stomach.

Her yoga pants hugged her hips showing off her thick muscular thighs and rounded apple curved ass.


Jack wiped down his chairs and table at his tattoo shop “The Brass Knuckle”.

The room had strings of amethyst in the door way that danced like purple lights. The room had white walls and lavender purple curtains. There were rose quartz geodes that glimmered upon the forest green counters.

Jack stood in the full size mirror looking at himself.

His giant, yet muscular and bulky body that bared tattoos everywhere, was suddenly hungry for a curvy babe to torment and tease. His eyes glistened Caribbean blue, his face masculine yet lonely, his eyes ached for a pair of gorgeous female eyes to beg him to stop.

He adjusted his black tank top and Ed Hardy blue jeans followed by black converse shoes.

Suddenly his phone rang she was here for her fire dragon tattoo they had discussed the other day when she came to his tattoo shop.

Jack came to the waiting room to bring her to his room.

She was the most gorgeous and pure being he ever sensed in his presence. Her midnight black hair spiraled down her back she had on a Five Finger Death Punch Shirt, and lovely yoga pants that hugged her large, round, Apple shaped ass. Arabella had on a pair of white Chanel stilettos.

Sure, she was a little chubby but she had a lovely toned belly and jaw dropping curves. Jack’s cocked instantly hardened.

Mmm yes she was delicious.


Arabella was absolutely captivated by Jack, his wolf like walk, gorgeous muscles, deep blue eyes, silky blonde long hair that seemed to canter in the wind as he walked. Jack was a work of art that her mouth and long French tipped nails wish to explore.

She was sure she heard a chuckle that sounded much like a horse nickering.

Arabella spent a good half an hour talking about life, love , her horse rescue career, and listen to Jack’s painful hand-fasting fairy tale that never happened. His fiancé had secretly fell in love with his ex-tattoo studio co-owner and left that night to wed him instead of Jack. He had never looked at another female again but this was different he was spell bound by Arabella.

Jack laid a satin sheet on the black leather chair and instructed Arabella to remove her shirt and bra.

Arabella had no issue doing this in front of him and he sat awestruck at her gorgeous nipples that had a opalite Stone piecing in each one.

She laid on the chair smiling at the way he stared at her soul and it was like his hands were exploring her body without actually touching her.

She went to stretch and yelped almost falling over. Jack couldn’t help but chuckle at her clumsy moment.

“Listen here Fabio, laugh at me again and I will give you a reason to be laughing in hysterics”, Arabella threatened playfully, her brown eyes upon Jack like a horse ready to charge.

“Oh? How do you plan to do that?”, Jack grinned tempting the Clydesdale inside her.

“I’ll tickle you into next week, stallion”, Arabella grinned. Wiggling her nails at him.

She was already awakening the Clydesdale and wild yet playful spirit that he thought he his years ago.

“I’ll get you back worse”, Jack grinned.

“Bring it!” Arabella laughed.

Suddenly Arabella pounced pinning him to ground.

Jack was taken aback by how fast she could move. Suddenly his hands were tied together to his chest and his feet in her lap.

Jack whimpered trying to move away.

Arabella was in her glory, like a wolf who had their first taste of their prey’s blood in their mouth.

She yanked off his shoes and socks when she caught him glaring at her.

“I’m not ticklish”, Jack grinned.

“So, you won’t mind if I try then?” Arabella asked. She wiggled one nail right above the soft, size 11 feet that were at her mercy, not yet touching his skin.

“One thing, do you have a tickle fetish?” Jack asked squirming.

Arabella blushes and then said “Yes I am a switch, and you?”.

“Hell yea! I do too I’m a switch”, Jack smiled.

Arabella smirked this time showing her white as snow canines.

“You said you’re not ticklish though so I suppose I may not have much fun tickling these piggies but I should find out anyway!” Arabella grinned.

She pried his left toes back and very lightly scraped at the exposed flesh below Jacks big toes.

Jack shut his eyes super tight the tickling so extreme it made him shiver. It seemed like an eternity of torment as her index nail through traced below his big toe the nail just grazing the skin.

When Arabella didn’t get a reaction she moved to the middle toes noticing how much Jack struggled to keep from laughing. It was starting to drive him mad when her two index nails scraped and plucked away at the middle toe skin.

Finally it brought him to his breaking point and Jack roared in laughter unable to handle her delicate fingernails stroking his sensitive stems.

By the time she hit the baby toe stem Jack was crying in laughter shaking his head side to side. He finally broke and begged for mercy.

“Alright fine, I probably should be nice”, Arabella playfully sighed cutting his restraints.

Suddenly her bare size 6 pedicured feet were in his lap.

“Let’s see how sensitive your toes are”, Jacked laughed. He held open her soft and delicious looking toes. He inserted his index finger and began scraping the flesh between her middle and ring toe.

Her reaction was instant she lifted her round ass off the ground and began letting out loud squeals and whoops of hysterical laughter.

Jack was in bliss he absolutely loved her laugh it was deep, throaty and completely sexy.

He went through the next set of two toes and was rewarding with screams and yelps. He decided to drag his 10 fingers up and down her creamy, silky arches.

He brought her to her breaking point this was there she begged for mercy.

Before he let her go she looked at him a bit scared but dying to tell him something that stirred in her eyes.

“You can ask me anything, I don’t judge “, Jack smiled.

“I’m a bit aroused”, Arabella confesses blushing.

“That would make two of us “, Jack grinned. He locked his door to his tattoo room grabbed a pair of cuffs from the closet and restrained her laying down spread eagle. Arabella was now only clad in her birthday suit.

Her skin was already glowing with sweat now showing muscles that were coming through her tummy and her sex smelled absolutely heavenly. He needed to taste her.

“Are you sure?” Jack asked

“Yes, I consent”, Arabella purred.

He bent down above her like a wolf over his catched dinner. The hooved beast in him galloping and rearing it’s head. He wanted to mount that fine mare a woman.

He licked her lower lip, tiny circular laps of pleasure that sent chills down her spine.

Arabella bucked her hips.

“Naughty woman!” Jack exclaimed, squeezing and pinching her hips tickling her right to very bones. He was reward rewarded with squeals of laughter. His stomach muscles clenched in pleasure everything she did drove him to the brink of release.

Her mouth found his highly sensitive ear she took his earlobe into her mouth nibbling her teeth just lightly pinching the lobe while her tongue massaged the skin.

It was all Jack could take he kissed her fiercely yet gently, and hungrily unzipped his pants and sliding himself into her moist, soft, and tight vagina.

They rode each their smiling never taking a second to stop kissing the feeling of her skin on his and vise versa send a thunderstorm of pleasure and a tornado of release crashing through them.

Jack untied her slipped on his clothes and grabbed the tattoo machine and ink.

“How about that tattoo now?” Jack offered.

“Ink me up baby”, Arabella whispered.

When it was complete the black Celtic fire dragon tattoo was so realistic it was like it was rising up out of her skin and curling at her hips and ribs.

It was the one of the finest pieces of work Jack had ever created.

The End.

Feathered Pleasure

The Tickle Fetish World

Today I wanted to come out and share with you a fetish that I am well versed in which is tickling.

Not the Same Kind of Tickling…

You probably are thinking is this the same ticking that we do with our friends? Or that our parents did to us?

In short, the answer is no, fetish tickling tends to be more electrifying, and more of an adrenaline rush. Did I mention you can burn serious calories?

Tickling With an Edge

Tickling in the BDSM, and kink world is more intense and often it’s not just being silly, while it can be two people being funny, tickling sessions tend to be long, intense, and produce gut wrenching, hysterical laughter.

Tickling can be completely playful, or have an erotic twist. For some of us it can be a fun form of foreplay, or others it is apart of sex. There’s also people who have a mild foot fetish and love tickling feet. It can also be used in the form of punishment if a submissive doesn’t behave, or if a ticklee(person being tickled).

Tickle Lingo

Here are a few terms to familiarize yourself with in the tickling world.

  • Tickler- person who is doing the tickling.
  • Ticklee- person being tickled
  • Switch-person who is the tickler and the ticklee they play both roles(me)
  • Stocks- device used to restrain the feet/toes, may the gods have mercy on your soul.
  • Safe Word- not just used in tickling but you will hear this a lot. This word is used when the ticklee cannot take anymore and is at their wits end.
  • Edging- a term used to be describe bringing someone close to orgasm and then switching to doing something else to keep them from releasing. Again, may the gods have mercy on your soul.

Good Tickles Vs Lame Tickles

Seems kind of harsh doesn’t it? In truth you need to be very careful about who you allow to cuff you up and go to town on your ticklish spots.

There are some ticklers merely just in it because it’s an excuse to touch the body.

Good Tickler

  • Gets to know you, they will typically be open to being your friend and holding a conversation that isn’t just tickling. They should want to get inside your head and get s feel for who you are and what makes you jump, squeal, laugh , yell, or knows what NOT to do for instance, some people are not open to erotic tickling and that is to be respected.
  • Aware of your heart beat, breath, and how well you can breathe. This may sound silly, or weird, but when you are in a tickle session your heart beat sky rockets, you will sweat immensely, and it takes a lot out of you and a good tickler will see this and give you breaks. We wouldn’t want you to pass out now would be?!
  • Asks if you need water. Along with the above statement your tickler should also be asking you if you need a water or drink every so often. Stay hydrated!
  • Balances the use of tools such as brushes, glosses, etc with the balance of using their bare hands.

The Tickler You Should Avoid

  • Will just message you on social media and go right into how they want to tickle you. A good tickler is aware of what makes you laugh and they aim to get a reaction out of you, versus, a tickler who just goes at you which can also be a safety issue, and even can lead to broken ribs, and other injuries if the tickler is being too rough.
  • Forceful and not in a playful way
  • Will not take no for an answer.

What Happens During a Tickle Session

You and your partner, will discuss limits, what’s okay and what’s not, if you want to be restrained or free, and then from there you two will agree on a safe word.

The session then starts afterward, do NOT tense, be relaxed it will make it more fun and comfortable for both of you. Don’t hold your breath, it’s okay laugh it out, we all know it won’t be long until you break into hysterical whoops of laughter anyway!

When the session is over your partner should check to make sure there’s nothing injured, and that you are indeed still breathing.

Then you both may do reflections they may ask how you enjoyed it, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and then you will be on your merry way, and may make another date for another session.