It’s 6 AM Healer!

How Reiki Created My Life, and Awakened Me!

A friend of mine awhile ago, was horsing around with me and starting tickling my big toe.  I was thrashing around like a wild child, then, he stopped suddenly and said I need to be careful I was spiritually dying.

For years I could not fathom what he meant!

It wasn’t until I found reiki at 23, that I had suddenly realized how “asleep” my soul had been all of those years.

At 23 I had become aware of my tarot card reading abilities and at that point I had starting really adoring the color blue. I began hearing the word “healer” at random times of the day.  Then one day when I did a deep meditation I had heard the word light worker and saw this gorgeous silver and gold light, at that point it caused me to feel dizzy and feel blinded even when I saw this in my meditation.

It was one day while watching a friend of mine live stream reiki that sudden my hands felt hot, and I felt this intense wave energy and awakening wash over me.

At 24 I had just lost a really good friend ,still to this day it is not known why, I take it as the universe has better plans in store! I had become awakened to my empath abilities because the day we stopped talking felt like all of my bones just exploded into a million little pieces!

The pain was so unreal I had become lightheaded standing in Walmart after talking to him on the phone,being in such shock that someone who I would spend countless hours with on the phone and Skype, suddenly had turned his back on me.

It was then I had learned only I could heal myself, only I could control how much pain I allowed myself to have or feel, and I could also control my reactions to situations.  OF course I still needed some work.  Don’t we all on this path of awakening?

I then began studying reiki, and became certified in animal practitioner reiki first, I fell in love. The second I began aligning and balancing my chakras I felt peaceful, alive, beautiful in a way that words and emotions cant quite describe. I found my deep and powerful connection to animals, I knew since I was six that I had a divine connection to them, and being able to heal with reiki is one of my soul’s true callings.   I also discovered my abilities to connect with other’s animal totems and animal spirit guides, as well as people’s pet’s that are both living and crossed over.

Reiki has also allowed me to let go of what does not serve me, that means relationships, I left my 10 retail job so I can work full time as a reiki master and tarot reader and it has brought me so much and the journey of spiritual entrepreneurship is just starting for me.

It’s helped me to develop a deep bond and love for myself, it also has helped me raise attention be being careful of who I allow and disallow in my life. I’ve became more consciously aware of every situation and choice I decided to make,

I have grown a deep spiritual respect for every person even tho angry, sad, or lost, or anything else. I now know how to understand that everyone is going through a conflict and any conflict can be over come, with gentle healing and a support system.

It’s also helped me speak my inner truth and knowledge that I carry with me, from other lives I have lived in the past.

Reiki has allowed me to explore and become comfortable with sensuality and sexuality.

Reiki has added so much vibrancy to my life, if you don’t want to become a reiki master at least try a session I promise you won’t be disappointed!